What could you do with your day if you woke up feeling rested every single morning?
For most, this seems impossible. That’s because most people are trying to get back to sleep without the key ingredient to their sleep recipe: temperature.

That’s right. To achieve quality sleep your body is programmed to expect both a drop, and later, a rise in temperature. Between artificial lights and A/C and heaters, we have confused our bodies’ natural rhythm. But you can restore it by discovering your body’s ideal temperature with the Dock Pro Sleep System, which delivers high-powered, precision temperature control.

Unlike adjusting room temperature, the Dock Pro works to lower and raise your bed temperature to activate deep sleep, through water-based cooling rather than air, which is 25x more efficient. The water is circulated through the ChiliPad Pro, a cooling mattress pad made of stretchy fabric that fits perfectly on your mattress and regulates your bed temperature.
You’ll sleep deeper and be able to remain asleep longer through the system’s replication of your ancestral sleep pattern. Stop searching for deep sleep, get it delivered to your door. Start sleeping in your personal igloo every night.


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So, if only among you desires the temperature control, you can pick the Me choice which features a pad to cover half the bed mattress. If you desire temperature control for two, the We alternative includes a full-width pad and 2 control systems. I got to check out the Dock Pro system for a couple of weeks before its official launch.

The set is well packaged and features easy-to-follow instructions. Two sets of pipes are attached to the mattress pad that connect to the controllers, so the first decision is which end of the bed to put the controllers and for that reason the pipelines. I chose to have them at the head of the bed, as it was closer to the power supply.

The drawback of having 2 units is that you will need to use up 2 power sockets and have them under either side of the bed. The pad connects to your mattress simply like a fitted sheet, using an elasticated skirt that tucks right around the sides of the bottom of the mattress.

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On a comfort level, this appeared counterproductive, as it was lumpier, but it permits the cooling tubes to be closer to your body. When televisions are connected to the controllers and the power is switched on you require to fill the reservoirs with water. This ought to be distilled water with the provided system cleaner option also added.

Dock Pro Sleep System - Cool or Heat 55°-115°F   ChiliSleep™ChiliSleep Dock Pro Review 2022 Non Biased Reviews

The final part of the setup is to connect the units to your Wi-Fi. This is done from the Sleepme app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Shop or Google Play shop. The app uses Bluetooth to link to your phone and each controller can be recognized by the corresponding Mac ID on the back.

The primary screen shows the present temperature of your bed (if you are establishing 2 controllers you require to offer access to your partner’s Sleepme app and have them claim the gadget). You can turn the unit on and off and alter the temperature level by hand from here. The My Planner screen enables you to set times for the Dock Pro to switch on and off and at what temperature.

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Settings can be added for different days or for collections of days I set one for weeknights and another for weekends. You can likewise select the Warm Awake setting that incredibly heats the bed to wake you up. The My Gadgets screen allows you to control all of your Dock Pro controllers, so if you need to change the settings on your partner’s side, or change access to it, you can do that here.

This is likewise created to offer you recommendations on modifications to your settings. Unfortunately, this area is not yet readily available and is due for launch in May. It felt unreasonable to fully evaluate the system without this, as the sleep tracking and recommendations are such a crucial part to the experience, so as soon as I have actually used this I will update the evaluation.

Giving the temperature values in degrees (either celsius or fahrenheit) reveals precision but I had no idea what worths were right for me. And rather than simply telling the system to alter the temperature level when you go into a rapid eye movement state or a deep sleep, you require to think what time that will happen, and that will depend upon when you go to sleep.

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The Sleepme Dock Pro isn’t the very first to do this. Temperature controlled mattress toppers have existed for a long time and Chilisleep (from which the Sleepme topper comes) has been a leading name in its advancement. Nevertheless, that does not eliminate from its appeal. The Sleepme Dock Pro can warm up to around 115F (46C) and down to 55F (13C).

At 11 inches, my mattress isn’t the inmost, however the elastic on the topper was securely twisted around when I made the bed and required adjusting each early morning. The benefit of 8 Sleep’s system is that it zips all the way round the bed mattress or provides straps, which is more protected.

In the area of two weeks, I’ve needed to top up each controller 2 or 3 times due to low water warnings (when this occurs it will not warm or cool properly). It suffices to make me worried about where all that water is going. I only had to top the Eight Sleep system up two or 3 times in a year.

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It suggests you’re good and warm in the winter season and cool in the summertime, and it has actually certainly helped me to sleep much better. For the Sleepme Dock Pro to be truely beneficial, you need the input of sleep tracking, with insights and suggestions. Without this, you essentially have a really elegant electrical blanket.

As I’ve mentioned, the Sleepme Dock Pro isn’t the only water cooled system on the market. There’s the Chilisleep products (made by the exact same business) and also 8 Sleep’s Pod Pro, which includes or without a bed mattress. There are absolutely some things that the Sleepme does better than the 8 Sleep.

The app as it stands at the moment isn’t as beneficial however, the water needs topping up more frequently and the experience is less comfortable, due to the visible pipelines underneath you and the less than best fit over the bed mattress. If you are just looking to heat/cool one half of your bed, the single ‘Me’ variations of the Sleepme dock Pro are going to be better worth.

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Overview of the Dock Pro Sleep System If you are aiming to sleep cooler and want a system that is comfy, powerful, and quite the Dock Pro Sleep System might be your answer. When the engineers at Chilisleep were developing the Dock Pro Sleep System they had 3 goals in mind.

Partners hardly ever like the precise very same temperatures. Double temperature level zones let each partner set the temperature that they want separately. The system works well integrated, however each of the two systems that comprise the system have some remarkable qualities. I’ll be discussing those next. Features and Advantages of the Dock Pro Control Unit This is the very first part of the Dock Pro sleep system.

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The Dock Pro control unit includes a patent pending cooling system. It has industry leading cool temperature levels and is nearly two times as cool as previous systems. This system was crafted with sound levels in mind. It’s whisper peaceful operation runs at 41 to 46 decibels about the exact same noise level as a library.

Both the air filter and water tank are removable. That makes it easy to keep it in the very best running order possible. I enjoy this function. It’s fantastic to have an app to manage the gadget, however often you just wish to do it at the gadget level and this one has temperature controls right on the Dock Pro control unit.

And the innovation is fantastic and a few of the most innovative I have actually ever seen for a sleep cool type of item. This is an extremely innovative technology. The previous mattress pad had tubing, but the brand-new Chilipad Pro Mattress Pad has a membrane that provides this pad 5 X more ability to cool compared to current models.

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This unit fits mattresses that are 8 to 18 inches deep! You can get a half bed pad or a complete bed pad with this system so that you can personalize it the way you desire and require to. The stretchy product on this cooling bed mattress pad makes it simple to install and use.

It can give you a deep, restorative sleep experience by assisting your hack your biology to create a strong and adjustable night’s sleep. Downsides and Cons of the Dock Pro Sleep System This system is innovative and it works, however it is a bit expensive and currently varies from $999 to $1899 depending upon the choice you pick.

I think that even with the cost point, that this system is worth it. Particularly if you wish to sleep cooler and more deeply. The Bottom Line on the Dock Pro Sleep System The Dock Pro sleep system was crafted with the goal of offering you an exceptional night’s sleep through the power of thermal cooling technology and it provides.

The Best Night Of Sleep Of Your Life!!! (For Hot Sleepers)

Hey all, I know some of you are using the Chilipad or the more recent Ooler to regulate your sleep temperatures. Remarkably, Chilisleep have actually come out with a new system called Dock Pro, which claims double the cooling power, not being effected by ambient temperatures (a huge weak point of the earlier tech), tubeless pad, wifi, Thought you ‘d be interested.

There are most likely just 1-2 months of the year when ambient temperatures are high enough to avoid the Ooler being effective for me here in the UK, so the better cooling isn’t worth investing the cash to change, but for some of you it may be a video game changer. The elimination of tubing looks really intriguing.

I’ve got the Chili, Cube, and can’t sleep without it nowadays. The new pad style appears like it could be a great enhancement. I want one of these after getting an extremely positive suggestion from my bro in law on the initial Ooler. However I initially need to encourage my better half its she who wants the cooler so I can still get my brand-new wheels for 2022 1 Like Intriguing for sure and will inspect it out.

New Smart Mattress From Sleepme Keeps You Cool All Night Long

Dock Pro Sleep System - Cool or Heat 55°-115°F   ChiliSleep™Dock Pro Sleep System – Cool or Heat 55°-115°F ChiliSleep™

The concept behind it is that the breathable topper contains channels filled with water. Each is cooled and distributed by a control system that sits below your bed. It’s possible to set the topper so that it changes temperature on a timer. For example, you could have it warm up late at night when the temperature is at its coolest, or you could opt to have it slowly warm you in the early morning to imitate the effect of a dawn.

It’s the type of innovation you’re not likely to find somewhere else when looking at the best mattresses. Sleepme Insight is a slim mat that fits beneath your mattress, measuring your heart rate, breathing rate, bed temperature, and other figures. Combined with the Chilisleep Dock Pro, it can immediately change the temperature level of your bed to fit your sleeping patterns.

After each CES Show, we take a seat and discussed among ourselves what we saw at the biggest customer electronics reveal in the world, Customer Electroics Show (CES), and which products/services we think will have an effect on our lives. This year we did not walk the convention floorings, we were able to see through virtual conferences lots of exhibitors who had ingenious and pertinent items and/or services for today and the near future.

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The Moen Smart Water Network is the industry’s first whole-home wise water ecosystem, and according to the company expanding in 2022 with brand-new item and app developments. The Network is the one of the very first really integrated water system that provides consumers the comfort which features having the ability to monitor their water use and detect leaks in their pipes, 24/7.

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