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    Biden and Harris Plan for 2024 Reelection Bid, Kick Off Campaign with $500 Million Federal Funding for Philadelphia


    President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have made it clear that they plan to use the next several months to campaign for their possible 2024 reelection bid. Last week, Biden visited Philadelphia, where he spoke at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Winter Meeting, and announced $500 million in federal funding to repair aging lead pipes and upgrade the City of Brotherly Love’s water system.[0]

    The event was a preview of the Biden-Harris ticket – a rare occurrence since the two haven’t traveled together outside of Washington, D.C. since January 2022 (save for a campaign event in Pennsylvania in November 2022).[1] The two also headlined a private fundraiser in Philadelphia.[1]

    Biden’s speech to the DNC was a reflection of the political reality of a divided Congress unlikely to pass meaningful legislation.[2] He touted the progress his administration has made on job numbers and infrastructure funding, while also reminding the audience why he ran in 2020.[3] The event ended with Biden’s call for unity and support for his possible 2024 run: “Are you with me?” The crowd responded with loud chants of “four more years.”[1]

    The DNC members voted on a new primary calendar, which Biden had recommended, that will see South Carolina hold its 2024 presidential primary first on Feb. 3, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire on Feb. 6, Georgia on Feb. 13, and Michigan on Feb. 27.[4]

    Meanwhile, Biden’s former chief of staff Ron Klain squashed any lingering skepticism over whether the president will seek another term when he said at a chief of staff transition event on Wednesday that he looks forward to being by Biden’s side when he runs in 2024.[5]

    On the other hand, one potential challenger to Biden from the left has made herself known: author and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.[6] Over the past few weeks, she has indicated that she may go to the primary election states of New Hampshire and South Carolina to evaluate a potential candidacy.[6]

    Biden and Harris plan to highlight the projects underway thanks to the $1 trillion in federal funding and point to last week’s schedule – the president visited one project in Baltimore and another in New York City – as a preview of the year ahead.[2]

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