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    Biden and Harris Rally the Democratic Faithful in Philadelphia, Ahead of DNC Vote on 2024 Primary Calendar


    President Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia on Friday to rally the Democratic faithful, as he faces an intra-party fight over his proposal to change the 2024 primary calendar, and amid speculation he is poised to officially announce his and Vice President Kamala Harris's reelection bid.[0]

    Biden and Harris made a rare joint appearance on the road and in a critical battleground, delivering remarks at a downtown Philadelphia hotel that had the hallmarks of a campaign event.[1] The president promised that “America is back and we’re leading the world again” and asked attendees “are you with me?”[2]

    The three-day DNC gathering will culminate on Saturday with a vote on a new primary calendar, backed by Biden, that will elevate South Carolina to host the first Democratic primary contest, and demote Iowa and New Hampshire.[3]

    The president’s remarks come as the committee is set to shakeup its early nominating calendar on Saturday.[1] Biden also spoke to Democratic National Committee members who will vote on Saturday on a new 2024 primary calendar, potentially changing the slate of early-voting states.[4]

    The president also touted the $500 million in newly allocated federal funding for water infrastructure improvements in Philadelphia, which could begin paying for lead pipe replacement as soon as this spring, potentially removing the hazardous pipes from hundreds of city homes.[5]

    Biden’s agenda includes plans to cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month, adopt paid family and medical leave, make childcare more affordable, enshrine abortion rights and pass voting and policing reform bills.[6]

    In 2022, with the Democrats' slim majorities in the House and Senate, Biden's legislative record was mixed, although he achieved better results than during his first year in office.[7]

    The president also took aim at House Republicans, saying “these aren’t conservatives. These are disruptive people. They intend to destroy the progress we made.”[8]

    As Biden prepares to deliver his State of the Union address next week, he is scheduled to travel to the battleground states of Florida and Wisconsin, and Harris is expected to visit Georgia and Minnesota after Biden's speech to the joint session of Congress.[8]

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