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    Biden Heads to Wisconsin to Make His Case for Economic Initiatives


    President Joe Biden is heading to Wisconsin this week to make the case for the economic initiatives presented in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night.[0] The address was focused on the economy, with Biden touting the historically low unemployment rate and job growth since taking office.

    Biden noted that the unemployment rate is at its lowest point in 54 years and job growth since he took office is the strongest two-year period in history. He said 800,000 American manufacturing jobs have been created and the economy gained 517,000 jobs in January, far exceeding economists’ expectations.[1]

    The president also spoke of banning non-compete clauses and ensuring that companies pay workers what they are worth.[2] He said that while there may be setbacks, the plan is working because of the grit and resolve of the American worker.[3]

    A CBS News-YouGov poll released Sunday found that one-third of Americans believe the economy is “good,” while 61 percent say it’s “bad.”[4] But despite these views, economists predict a recession within the next 12 months, and Biden is looking to prove to the public that his policies are effective.[5]

    The president condemned Republicans for wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare, prompting loud protests from within the House chamber.[6] He said that workers have a right to form a union and should be guaranteed a living wage.[7] He also said that the supply chain for America should begin in America.[8]

    Joe Biden has an upcoming engagement at the Laborers' International Union of North America training center in DeForest, Wisconsin.[0] Biden is set to embark on a trip following his Tuesday night speech, which marks the commencement of a series of events as he works to bridge the gap between the two chambers of Congress and sets the tone for a potential 2024 reelection run.[0] This Thursday, Biden will be visiting Florida to discuss Social Security and Medicare.[0]

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