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    Biden’s Blue-Collar Blueprint: Rebuilding the Middle Class


    President Joe Biden has made great strides in his first two years in office, as highlighted in his recent State of the Union address. He has passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, as well as taken action to reduce the costs of healthcare, education, and energy.[0] The Biden administration has also sought to contrast Republican threats to Social Security and Medicare with their own legislative work.[1] Vice President Joe Biden has spoken about the progress the Obama administration has made in ensuring economic security for the middle class, and President Biden has made a promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. However, some Americans have seen their standard of living erode due to the president's frequent fiscal fumbles, making this tax pledge somewhat hollow.[2] Nevertheless, President Biden is committed to continuing his efforts to lift the middle class, with his “blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America.

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