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    Biden’s Executive Orders Under Fire From House Republicans for Fueling Inflation


    President Joe Biden has said that the US is making progress on inflation, citing annual inflation in January being down from the summer, along with the unemployment rate remaining at or near a 50-year low and take-home pay going up.[0] However, House Republicans are taking aim at Biden's executive orders, claiming they are fueling inflation.[1]

    The Federal Reserve's Preferred gauge noted a rise in inflation in January, and families in the country are struggling to cope with the effects of high inflation. Republicans are introducing legislation that would require the White House to analyze how major executive orders will affect prices across the US economy before issuing them, in an effort to curb what they say is Biden’s habit of imposing costly rules.[1]

    Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is one of the Republicans leading the initiative, saying that Biden's “failed economic policies” are forcing hardworking families to pay more for almost everything due to his “reckless policies fueling inflation”.[1] The bill is likely to be voted on next week, and if the legislation passes, it could have a big impact on the Biden administration's ability to implement costly proposals.[2]

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