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    BlackRock Cuts Japanese Stocks, Potential BOJ Policy Shift Could Cause Global Spillover


    As Japan prepares to appoint a new governor for the Bank of Japan (BOJ), the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, has cut its Japanese stocks to “underweight” due to policy uncertainty and a deteriorating economic environment.[0] This comes after the potential of a BOJ policy shift has been discussed, which could include scrapping its yield-curve control program and potentially cause a rise in global yields.[1]

    JPMorgan Chase & Co analyst Benjamin Shakil believes this trend of central banks tightening their monetary policies, as seen with the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, is set to continue.[2] What’s more, a BOJ policy change could have a gravitational pull on developed market bond yields, causing a global spillover and increasing the risk of higher yields dampening global risk sentiment.[3] Japan still holds more than $1 trillion of US Treasuries, as well as large amounts of bonds from France and the UK, which further heightens this risk.[2]

    Kazuo Ueda, the newly-nominated governor of the BOJ, is set to face an intense market demand for change as soon as he assumes control of the BOJ.[4] The challenge for him is to navigate the policy change without bringing about market turmoil, and it remains to be seen if a soft landing can be achieved.

    In the meantime, BlackRock suggests investors tactically prefer short-term government bonds and credit for income, as well as emerging market stocks over developed market equities.[1]

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