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    Blackstone Inc. Scaling Up Real Estate Investments in India


    Blackstone Inc., one of the world's largest global investors in India, is on the hunt for new investments in the infrastructure and real estate sectors.[0] The US-based company has invested $50 billion across a range of industries since 2006, including IT services, asset & wealth management, auto components, and online learning.[1] Roughly half of their Asia exposure has been directed towards India, and their portfolio includes $20 billion of commercial and retail real estate investments.

    Blackstone is interested in scaling up their real estate portfolio across logistics, retail, office, and data centres. Their investments include Embassy REIT, Nexus Malls, Nucleus Office Parks, Horizon Industrial Parks, and Lumina Data Centres.[0] Jonathan Gray, President and Chief Operating Officer of Blackstone, has expressed his enthusiasm for India's growth prospects, saying “Picture Abhi Baki Hai” (the best is yet to come). He stated that Blackstone controls $50 billion of assets in India and that the fundamentals for long-term growth there are outstanding.

    In addition to their buyout fund, Blackstone is now open to non-control transactions in India.[1] Amit Dixit, Head of Asia for Blackstone Private Equity has said that the private equity fund will look at minority investments in high-growth companies.[1] Blackstone is also seeking minority stakes in companies to capture technological advances in India in light of recent global investor caution due to a short seller report.[2]

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