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    Can Swifties Handle the Price of Eggs? Swift Jokes With Trevor Noah at the Grammys


    At this year's Grammy Awards, host Trevor Noah commended Taylor Swift for having “the best fans in the world,” noting their efforts with Ticketmaster and the upcoming Eras tour.[0] As a joke, he then asked if the fans could take their sheer power and put it into handling the price of eggs.[1] Swift replied, asserting that “there’s really nothing that they can’t accomplish” and then assuring that they would “get on it.”[1]

    The drama between Ticketmaster and Swifties began when the ticket sales for Swift's Eras Tour went live.[0] Fans were met with outrage when the tickets were claimed within minutes, leading to the Senate calling a hearing about the situation. To joke about her fans' power, Noah asked Swift if they could handle the price of eggs.[2] His question left Swift looking confused, as if she had no idea what he was talking about.[3]

    However, it appears that Swifties may have actually had some effect on the prices of eggs. Just one day after the Grammy Awards, the wholesale egg prices dropped more than 50 percent, reaching $2.61.[4] Videos of the exchange between Noah and Swift have been circulating on social media, with some fans claiming that Swift didn't understand the joke and was out of touch.[5] But Swift responded confidently, saying that her fans “can't accomplish” and encouraging them to “just let them know what you need.”

    It remains to be seen whether Swifties can handle the prices of eggs, but it's clear that they have the power and dedication to make a difference.

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