Chelsea Lane, VP of Sports Medicine: Atlanta Hawks | ChiliSleep™

Chelsea Lane, VP of Sports Medicine: Atlanta Hawks | ChiliSleep™

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Chelsea Lane has worked in performance sports for over 20 years. Currently, she is the Vice President of Athletic Performance and Sports Medicine for the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. Chelsea shares her personal experience using the OOLER Sleep System by ChiliSleep as well as how it helps high-performance athletes with performance and recovery.



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I’m chelsea lane i have been fortunate To work in performance sport for Over 20 years now i’ve worked with elite Individual athletes High performance teams i’m currently the Vice president of Athletic performance and sports medicine At the atlanta hawks I do use the ula system in my own home The primary benefits for me from it for Adopting that system Has been a deeper sleep ever the skeptic I Don’t just trust that that’s the case I do sleep monitor and certainly that Has been the biggest Gain from from adopting the author has Been a greater amount of deep sleep In my night sleep Sleep is essential to the performance of Elite athletes I don’t think there’s a part of their Athletic development Athlete performance their health or Their well-being that sleep doesn’t have An impact on It’s obvious its effects on court when We talk about mental acuity and visual Accuracy How important sleep is to factors like That and when we talk about recovering Once they get off the court Sleep is one of those key factors that Allow the body to recover allow the mind

To recover Allow the immune system to recover so That they can get up and do it all again In a very short amount of time [Music] I think once you understand the role That sleep plays in the performance of An athlete And in their ability to recover and do It all again Any modality that facilitates that sleep And deepens the sleep so we get a Greater benefit from the sleep that’s Being gained And is going to be valuable to a Performance athlete Or is a product that in my experience Has facilitated deeper sleep and for Those that run Hot it it also lengthens the sleep Because it’s more comfortable sleeping So In that regard all there is a valuable Product and something that facilitates Sleeping athletes