chiliPAD Sleep System - Hear from Users | ChiliSleep

chiliPAD Sleep System – Hear from Users | ChiliSleep

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I’m sky christopherson olympic athlete And world record holder in the sport of Cycling sprint cycling And we use a lot of different tools as Part of our data nut drugs program You know to get breakthroughs in Performance that are sustainable And one of the tools one of the secret Weapons we use is a chili pad so this is A cooled Mattress topper pad that goes underneath The athlete and it cools them while They’re sleeping at night This is getting increases in deep sleep It’s putting people to sleep faster And accelerating the recovery so the Next day You can perform that much better The deep sleep is an important part of That rest and recovery that your body Requires every night And we’re seeing results from a lot of People who do have chili pads and are Using them Uh religiously that there’s a a market Improvement in deep sleep A market improvement in in you know Quality of ram and all of the metrics That we would use In a lab to determine the quality of Sleep Uh those are all demonstrably better With a chili pad One thing um like that often doesn’t get

Talked about but especially for women Is the sleep component related to Hormones so i look back and think i wish So much that i had had this when i was Pregnant with my six kids because you Get so hot and you’re cold and like all The Ups and downs and then postpartum when You’re just like sweating non-stop my Chili pack would have been a lifesaver It should be On every baby registry I definitely am a hot sleeper so i would Wake up in the middle of the night kick The covers off Have to put the fan on very very hot and Always at 3am and then i would probably Wake up three or four times Throughout the middle of the night and Just Never get like a full restful night’s Sleep so we set it up It was very easy to set up i mean simply Just put the water in And uh you know set it to the Temperature that you know that you like It is night and day i it’s unbelievable I i can literally sleep through the Entire night without tossing and turning Once i wake up in the same position i Fell asleep So it is it is amazing and the other Good thing Is i don’t creep onto his side of the

Bed anymore It’s my favorite part but the dog Prefers it colder So she always lays at his that’s the Info i’m still only getting one quarter It’s it’s making me um feel like i have More Restful sleep so i’m actually waking up Earlier On time i’m not late for work anymore Hi my name is kendall ryan i am a Professional cyclist and i race for the Usa cycling national team And legion of los angeles before Chilipad i Would wake up in the middle of the night I have to chug a whole bottle of water It would be really difficult to fall Back sleep and i would just wake up the Next morning exhausted It’s been really important for me to Upgrade my sleep because in order for me To push myself on the bike I need to make sure that i have good Sleep quality my chili pad sleep system Has A huge impact on my performance and Recovery especially here at altitude at The olympic training center What i love most about my chili pot Sleep system is i’m not waking up in the Middle of night Tossing my covers off overheated it Regulates my temperature

And i’m ready to take on the day and i Don’t feel lethargic or like i need to Take a nap Shoulder sleep has been a game changer For me [Music] My body hurts every day away from like What i do for work so i tossed and Turned a lot during the night Uncomfortable uh i couldn’t sleep on This side that side I did not think it would work and i Opened it up and i saw all the parts and Pieces but It was really simple to put together you Know the hoses up and plug it in And we’re bam you know there you go if You uh work with your body Or if you have had pains or had Surgeries Or just like the cold this is This is the machine you want for me it’s Like sleeping on a cloud I feel uh maybe revived In the morning um but getting into bed And getting under a Cold blanket i It feels great It was definitely the hardest thing i’ve Ever been through There was a lot of lost sleep i was Warned when i started chemotherapy that I would probably go into menopause the Hot flashes are real

The night sweats they’re real but i kept Sleeping On that chili pad i was able to sleep at Night I truly believe that there’s a lot to be Said for a good quality night’s sleep And helping you Fight disease strengthen your immune System and heal