ChiliSleep Partners with the C4 Foundation | ChiliSleep™

ChiliSleep Partners with the C4 Foundation | ChiliSleep™

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Kirk ’Doc’ Parlsey is a former Navy SEAL, has been a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 2006 and has served as Naval Special Warfare’s expert on Sleep Medicine. Kirk shares a passion for his SEAL community and we’re excited to share his passion for the C4 Foundation as well. We have partnered with the C4 Foundation to help provide high-quality sleep for the SEAL community and their families through the C4 Foundation.

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Hi my name is kurt parsley aka doc Parsley The charlie keating foundation was Started by the parents of a Navy seal who was killed in iraq in 2016. Their foundation sets for itself the Goal of helping out Active duty seals and their families Charlie keating’s foundation has a ranch It’s a respite for families for active Duty families but they also They help facilitate you know people Getting the help That they need whatever struggles that The families may be having chilipad Is going to donate a new or refurbished Chili pad to the c4 ranch For the families when they come and stay There for every chili pad That somebody buys um using My discount code not only are you doing A great thing for yourself By improving your sleep but you’re also Doing a great uh A great thing for an organization that’s Near and dear to my heart for my brother And their families