ChiliSleep x Grey Team Veterans Day Celebration!

ChiliSleep x Grey Team Veterans Day Celebration!

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Happy Veterans Day!! The Grey Team and ChiliSleep experienced some technical issues during our scheduled Tuesday live at 1pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused. We would like to give a very special thank you to our veterans, you are deeply appreciated, seen, and valued!! We hope you enjoy this recording of The Grey Team x ChiliSleep live and see how sleep can dramatically improve a plethora of things, including mental health! The winners have also been announced in this recording and we want to say CONGRATS 🎉 Robyn McCullem and Trevor Becker, you deserve it and so much more!! Giving the gift of sleep to our treasured veterans is such a joy. Please enjoy this veterans day, and know that both The Grey Team and ChiliSleep care about you! 🙌

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Hey tara welcome to great team i just Want to give you a quick tour before we Get started on our discussion about the Importance of sleep Uh so very very quickly we’re standing In the lobby of our incredible facility Here at great team This area is where Veterans wait for their individual Therapies Everything is done By appointments so We typically don’t have large crowds Standing around everyone is assigned a Specific therapy for a specific time As we move through This is our Conference room slash Mentorship room where veterans get the Type of training that they need in order To survive in the civilian marketplace We teach them how to write resumes We give them guidance on how to purchase Their first home Uh how to how to actually cook and Purchase groceries for themselves and What nutrition is Kind of like outside of the military Um it’s a little kitchen area Where i have to give shout outs to Celsius energy and black rifle coffee For Helping to highly caffeinate our Veterans so that they can

Do their best in here This is our Fitness facility Um We Take veterans through a personal Assessment with a Physical therapist to find out Strengths and weaknesses if they have Injuries we need to learn workarounds uh If they were an amputee coming back from Iraq or afghanistan Uh we need to rebalance their bodies so They get used to their prosthetic so we Can train pretty much In any uh Available Therapy or Mediation we need And here Is our Group fitness room this is also you Can’t tell from the video but uh the Floor is made out of a specially Designed turf it’s very soft Uh we teach functional fitness in here We also do krav maga tai chi Chi yong Sound healing with sound bowls Group meditation all kinds of things as Well as just functional balance work Sleds jump boxes and things like that Moving on This is our

An entrance to one of our therapy Sections Um in here this is our Laser therapy room This is a full body Photobiomodulation bed that has 48 000 Laser diodes i’m going to fire it up Real quick so you get an idea of What we’re talking about here [Music] This is what you’re exposed to For 30 minutes This is an incredible therapy It’s about 52 year old science That nobody seems to know about It very quickly Reduces inflammation in the body uh Drops pain levels down tremendously Uh it also increases circulation And speeds healing to those areas of the Body that need it So it’s incredibly effective for Anybody who’s injured or had surgery Recently but we use it quite a bit for The damage that we do to veterans Muscles out there on the training floor We can heal them very quickly so they Don’t have uh Soreness and Regret about coming in that day On this Room This is a full spectrum infrared sauna With uh near mid and far infrared

We use this for detoxification It has a flat screen so that veterans Can be comfortable talk on their phone Has no heaters just light we’re using Light energy very similar to the room Before Uh and this is very important about For detoxification and we’re going to Talk about that a little bit later you And i Uh moving on This is our stress reduction room Uh this is Where we Basically decelerate the fight or flight Signals that that a lot of these Veterans are stuck in Uh this is a Vibro acoustic electromagnetic Induction bed It’s a mouthful but basically what it Does is it bathes the body and sound Waves Balancing out all the energy sectors Um We have a Set of headphones that is all Pre-programmed to run A 60-minute course of binaural beats to Instantly take a veteran And drop them into an alpha stage and And then their mind will actually drop Into theta wave very very quickly if They’ve never meditated before in their

Life It takes them down Just super super fast transcending down To almost an out of body experience and What we found is Not only do they get up feeling amazing But they’ve gotten like Similar to seven six or seven hours of Deep sleep and they get it in one hour And most of these guys are lucky if they Even sleep 15 minutes to two hours a night And usually no none of that is deep Sleep and again we’re going to talk About that Uh with the advantages of the chili pad So Moving on I’m gonna go upstairs now This is our 3d scanning room This is where we Take a veteran and we stand up here and We rotate this 360 degrees and we’re able to capture We make a 3d avatar of their body We save it in the cloud we now have Measurements of every single Diameter of their stomach their chest Their back Their arms legs We analyze their posture We also Can determine how much body fat they Have

We can determine how much lean muscle We’re basically Not only not only judging where they are But where we need to take them so we can See How much weight if you can scan down Here real quick These foot pads actually measure how Much weight is on their front of their Foot back of their foot whether their Hips are even So all these things are are Red flags for us so we know how to train Them in the future to alleviate any Discomfort in the back or ever due to Poor mobility or flexibility Um Moving along This is our brain boosting room Um and uh Real quickly Because it is being used i don’t want to Disturb But These helmets allow us to penetrate the Skull With laser and that’s very very Important to alleviate migraines also to Increase circulation it’s very very Similar to the full body bed downstairs Except that doesn’t have enough power on The individual lasers To go through Bone and very importantly we need to hit

The brain Uh if we want to get the same effect so We can use this in conjunction with the Bed downstairs as well as hyperbaric Oxygen To Take the pressure off reduce Inflammation in the brain and speed the Healing process through increased Circulation And finally That takes you to our Safe space And this is a room that we use Repeatedly to Bring veterans together and restore the Community that they typically gave up When they left the military uh we host Our graduations in here We have um Football night poker night pool night And then informal counseling where Where just a group of veterans will get Together and discuss The challenges that they’re going Through And Figuring out what solutions have worked For others And we don’t do any clinical psychology Or anything like that because that is a Major turn-off for a lot of these guys They’ve had enough of Pills and pharmaceuticals and they’re

Much more interested In Actually healing the body naturally and Holistically So Any questions that you have No just amazing facility you know i’m I’m so grateful for everything you’re Doing i think the the fun part about our Groups getting together is the synergy Of of just what we believe in our hearts Is that you know it’s not about pharma Fixing Especially when it comes to veterans but Especially on sleep for us that it’s you Know if we can get you there without Having drugs involved it’s just a much Better outcome and it lasts longer and And you know what you guys are doing for Veterans is just spectacular that Facility is beautiful and i if i Had every dream for you i don’t know if There’d be anything else extra that you Would be doing for veterans it’s just Amazing um really special place thank You so much for the tour Oh you’re quite welcome and thank you For saying that i really appreciate that Um we’ll cut here and then We’re going to reset up and then you and I can do our q and a Sounds great It’s like Bring it to you

Okay We have to edit all these parts out yeah Of course Yeah They can probably even make me look Handsome I’ve been able to fix all of those Things myself if if that was as easy as It was that would be amazing but no That’s that’s not uh it’s not how They’re good to go Maybe we should be recording this on Snapchat so we can put filters in Yes Although i do feel like the the world Needs to see the real faces and whenever I have even self-doubt myself i say you Know what the real faces are what are Real people and i do feel like you know What you’re doing for real veterans real People are what matters most not the Sort of superficial supermodels we see All over the places You you couldn’t be more i i’m joking of Course but but you’re absolutely right And i think that that realness is is so Important that authenticity And and it’s lacking in in most of our Society right now and everyone is Pretending to be someone they’re not And and those people who don’t measure Up to those standards even though those Standards aren’t real But it but it gives them a huge

Inferiority complex and it leads to Depression you know because you You you have an impossibly high bar that You that you’re trying to live up to and You don’t realize that that bar is fake You know it’s it’s people posting on Social media of their incredible Vacations and and they don’t talk about You know the fight they had with their Wife that you know or is throwing Bottles and breaking dishes and things Like that you just see this idyllic You know They lived happily ever after and then You go well my life sucks by comparison To that But it’s just not true It’s not true But we’re hopefully we’ll um we’ll fix What we can um in the world with our uh Our partnership so um i’ll just take a Minute and sort of um roll into it and Then we’ll start the conversation ready When you are All right so we’re now going to have a Sit down and talk we’re going to talk a Little bit about a little more about What great team does and about the role Of sleep for veterans And What we can do to continue to help great Team i’m hoping at the end we can have a Little post that if anyone wants to Reach out and help um support this group

Um we’ll have that in the comments below The video as well So without further ado let’s talk sleep Let’s talk sleep So without an introduction i’m kerry Reichbach i’m a united states army Veteran I serve pretty much all over the world And my transition Back to civilian life Uh was quite rocky and that’s one of the Reasons why We are involved today with grey team In order to put together a protocol that Doesn’t exist yet For the Hundreds of thousands of veterans who Transition Constantly from that military world Into the civilian world and because it Is so difficult they end up turning to Suicide because they feel like there’s No way that they can fit in Yeah and as a you know you think of the Ultimate travesty is These men and women that have given Their lives they’ve found community they Found their place in the military but Then when they leave they’re they’re Kind of left to just drift and that Drifting as you mentioned Results in Way more suicides and i know you you Talked about the statistics and i think

Um hearing that is just so powerful to Me of you know we talk about when we Lose Men and women um in service and and that Is absolutely a tragedy but compare that With our suicide rates because i think That that comparison um for me just just Almost catches me in the throat of um You know we’re not losing more people in The service when they’re actually Serving we’re we’re losing them Afterwards in suicide You you couldn’t be more right The The numbers are are really crazy when You think about it and it is has been Proven to be It’s about four and a half times more Dangerous For a service member to return to the United states and try to fit back into What what we call the civilian world Rather than stay in combat with With Enemy trying to kill you every day And and that’s a statistic that just is Mind-boggling And it’s it’s a reflection of the fact That We take Our young high schoolers And uh and we paint this amazing image Of what the united states military is And you get to go to college and your

Every need is going to be taken care of And And we have to recruit these young People because their bodies are strong Their minds are strong and we need them To Build that wall Around our democracy And keep you know the predators around The world at bay and it’s very very Important that we continue to do that But in order to do that you know in Order to take a high school student And and turn them into a warrior a Trained killer We we put them through I think it’s safe to say an Indoctrination program you know we don’t Want to call brainwashing because that’s A little extreme But basically We’re going to take a docile high school Kid and turning it into a warrior in About you know anywhere from 16 to 24 Weeks Okay he’s he’s separated from his family He’s separated from everything he knows And he’s put into uh a culture where he Has to learn a new language new acronyms New new traditions new everything so They absorb all that because obviously We can do that when we’re 17 18 19 years Old We’re like a sponge

And and we take you and and bring you Over into a combat environment You have this Innate survival skill that you begin to Pick up you know you begin to mistrust Anyone a lot of people don’t realize That the global war on terror Is very different than You know the World war one or world war ii or Korea um we had people in uniform and They were easily identifiable as your Enemy and and that’s when your anxiety Kicked in and your defense mechanisms When you saw that enemy’s uniform or That enemy’s aircraft uh in the war on Terror we don’t have that luxury and Interestingly enough anyone you see Could be a potential threat to you Whether that’s man woman or child and Many of our soldiers and marines have Been Killed by children Who didn’t know that they had a bomb Vest on and uh and they could easily Infiltrate and get close to a group of Of us service members And and they are exploded And we’ll will kill five or six of our Troops of our sons and daughters So we begin to mistrust anybody who’s Not wearing the same uniform we are and That’s a great skill to have it’s going To keep us alive over there

But what it doesn’t do Is is it doesn’t allow us to transform Back Into that civilian world so when we come Back The same thing that kept us alive Is going to kill us now Because we don’t want to be around People We don’t want to we we mistrust everyone We want to isolate We get horrible sleep because we’ve been Trained to operate at night Where we have a technological advantage Against uh the taliban or isis you know Because we can see at night we have Technology they don’t So we have completely messed up our Entire sleep cycles We’re we’re just at a point where you Know every skill set that we have is now Useless You know all those Memories and and and new languages and Things that we learned we don’t need any Of them anymore but we can’t figure out How to delete them like you can a file On your computer And that’s that’s where everything lies So we come back And now How do we transform these warriors back Into civilians well there was a 16 to 24 Week course

That all of us went through To become a warrior but there is no Course For you to decelerate back into a Civilian it’s it’s never even been Thought of and so now That’s why we have this suicide rate Because how do we undo that how do we Make you unsee the things you’ve seen And how do you undo the things that You’ve done yeah and it you know i think You and i have talked about it it falls Outside everyone sort of when i have Conversations about veterans everyone’s Like well the va takes care of them Right and you know i think it’s really Indicative of of healthcare today is you Know if it’s an obvious you know broken Arm or broken leg or prosthetic yeah the Va does do that part but the mental Health of these people the the ongoing Sort of physical wellness falls outside Of that guideline and that protocol and That’s really where In my opinion anyway great team is doing An amazing job of kind of being that Catch-all part being that course on on How to train you to be well because as You said what is defined as being Amazing Outside of the civilian world is not Amazing once you’re back in the u.s it’s Considered everything you’re doing is Wrong and what does that do to your

Mental state And depression and unfortunately every Mental illness is attached to lack of Sleep so it creates this horrible cycle Of i’m not sleeping so my mental illness Gets worse all of that tends to progress And if you have not enough sleep then You tend to get a mental illness that Co-morbidity becomes an escapable sort Of Space for people you know whether it’s The rhythm of their body everything About it is thrown off and you can’t Escape that cycle and so that’s where You guys i love the symbol of the Triangle for change um and delta as Being you know the element for change is To break that cycle and i feel like That’s where you’ve really inserted Yourselves in in breaking all of those Bad cycles across the board And that’s why we’re thrilled to Participate when it comes to sleep Because we believe that if you can break That cycle when it comes to sleep and Get sleep it can help everything along The board and um that’s really an Exciting place for us to be able to help You guys Well i i still appreciate that i Appreciate you saying that and i Appreciate you understanding You know what what the battle is and and How we can work together to overcome it

And as you said sleep is I have to say it’s it’s probably the Most Neglected thing that that these veterans Are facing you know they come back And and their anxiety levels are so high That they they don’t get Restorative sleep you know what even if They sleep five or six hours which they Don’t most of them come in and they say I’m lucky if i sleep an hour you know i Sit up all night and i watch binge watch Netflix anything that’s on just So that i can take my mind off of Memories and Recurring traumas and things like that You know and we’re not talking about Somebody Who’s 90 years old we’re talking about a 23 24 year old kid who can’t sleep and That’s that’s a huge problem because Their body starts to really deteriorate Very quickly so a great team We’re very big on elevating the mind and Body connection you know we we don’t Segregate the two You can’t elevate the mind without using The body and you can’t elevate the body Without using the mind and One of the problems that the va tends to Do is to keep that separate so Uh For the body they will do surgeries They will put on prosthetics if limbs

Are missing uh and if you have a mental Problem they will give you pills you Know but they’re going to treat each one Differently and instead of the holistic Approach And we found that doesn’t work They know it doesn’t work but they’re Kind of fresh out of ideas So great team was kind of begun as as Almost a proof of concept And we now can do what nobody else in The united states can do including The the multi-billion dollar va which is Funded by our taxes they can’t do what We can do So we’re really proud of the fact that We’ve never lost a veteran that we’ve Had you know almost 500 go through our Program to date in the four and a half Years that that we have been a Non-profit And We do Regulate everything together so Sleep how do we fix that well you know One of the things is is to as we talked About a little bit earlier on the tour Is we have to shut down that fight or Flight okay that’s that’s ultra Important we have a number of tools to Do that um so right away we’re able to Increase sleep but you know the fact That most of our metabolisms run hot That’s a huge problem so the the chili

Pad which i have been using Long before you and i ever met Is a fantastic addition because when you Study sleep the first thing you realize The room needs to be very very dark you Know we don’t want any lights we don’t Want any noises we can definitely use Some some white noise generation to kind Of drown out any neighbors barking dogs Or Traffic or sirens that are going off But what about the temperature you know We evolved from sleeping in caves for Hundreds of thousands of years in cold You know Dark environments and that’s the way our Bedroom should be you know we shouldn’t Have televisions in our bedrooms we Shouldn’t have Um Led lighting which puts out a blue light Which interrupts our whole circadian Rhythm we we probably check our Voicemail and our phones and our and our Emails before we go to bed and we’re and We’re subjecting ourselves to blue light And it’s trash light it’s it’s the worst Thing it’s stimulating the brain To actually wake up Because that’s the same blue light that The sun puts out and right at dawn and We have been trained for Hundreds of thousands of years of Evolution that when we see that light

Cortisol increases Production and when the cortisol hits Our brain We’re awake so looking at your phone Right before you go to sleep is a Horrible idea but we all do it um and Then the temperature so how do we keep Our temperature constant The chili pad is a is a fantastic Invention and i’m so surprised you know That It took You guys to to think of that because it Should have been thought of 40 years ago It’s an amazing invention Yeah you know i think it’s what’s Interesting about sort of the evolution Of going back to that sleeping like a Caveman is that we forget where sleep Falls and our evolution so when you look At simple organisms and you look at sort Of the evolution of sleep we evolved to Sleep to have that rest period before we Actually evolved our prefrontal cortex Or even thinking part of our brain most Simple organisms they all still have This on and off and rest is supposed to Be like intervals so you think about Interval training And it’s really powerful to have that Work hard and rest and our body needs That rest part but it is actually Unconscious it is part of the Evolutionary old part of our brain and

Our brain stem and so using temperature Using light using those cues that for us Don’t involve that prefrontal cortex is Really brilliant for those people that Are struggling with mental health and so It’s a way that you can cue your body That it’s time to sleep to stay asleep Temperature in particular is really good Once you’ve fallen asleep that that Colder temperature is going to drive you To stay not just in that rem light sleep That happens it’s very predominant if You look at people with depression or Ptsd they really struggle to get any Deep sleep they stay in that sort of rem Awake state by being able to get colder It’s cueing your body past all of that Mental turmoil to to cool down to get Colder to get that restorative sleep and So it’s it’s a magical Way and honestly when we invented it was It was a little bit more about just Being cooler sort of that metabolism That you talked about like oh i’m hot And sweaty and gross and Todd my co-founder and husband always Slept really hot we were always at Different temperatures but it’s really More than that the science of it kind of Got lost when we moved indoors and we Like being at a constant temperature but That outdoor experience is really Special to our bodies and our our Circadian rhythm looks just like an

Outdoor temperature map you know it’s Gonna as dust comes it’s going to want To go colder in the middle of the night And and that’s you know sort of how we Got used to it and really it’s the last 50 years that we’ve gone to this Constant temperature in our houses and Work you know even the structures we Lived in past caves weren’t you know Regulated to this one temperature it Would still sort of heat up and cool Down as we went throughout the day and So we’re really used to sort of that Mostly outside life and our lives today Have moved mostly inside and when you Combine that with mental health where You just want to sit inside during the Day watching tv because you’re depressed And you’re again you’re trying to escape Those memories escape those thoughts We’re not getting outside enough and all Doing all the things that can help us so Yeah we’re thrilled that it turned out The way it did science-wise Sort of a a hidden silver lining from What we’ve created but it is really Magical and it is um Probably a biggest part of my why when i Think about changing sleep for those Veterans And have had multiple times of giving Talks to veterans and then afterwards Just really you know those those guys And gals

Being able to sleep is just that first Step to recovery because your mind when You’re sleeping is just so much easier To fix and to improve and your diet your Fitness all of those other objectives Can fall in line when you’ve when you’re Rested and you’ve got more willpower and You can think straight 100 It’s right up there with nutrition and Exercise i mean Those are the three pillars that we Constantly talk to veterans about it’s Sleep it’s nutrition and it and it’s Movement it’s fitness And and without any one of those the Whole system breaks down So for those that don’t know the chili Pad is An incredible event invention that Actually draws the heat out of your body I Have a very high metabolism um i’m Constantly you know if i eat too late at Night my body temperature is elevated All night and i wake up in an incredible Sweat And and you and it’s just a horrible Feeling you know your Your body actually brings you out of That deep sleep because you’re so Uncomfortable and you wake up and you’re Just dripping you know and It’s just

It takes it may take you know 10 minutes It may take an hour to get back into That rest mode and i don’t do that with The chili pad the chili pad is actually It just fits under my mattress pad for Those that you don’t know And it draws the heat i can set it to a Specific temperature and i did have to Find that temperature so there’s some Experimentation to what your body needs And for me it’s rock bottom so as low as It’ll go that’s what i use it on And uh and it’s consistently that Temperature And and i can’t tell you How important that is there there is Another factor that we’re really excited About a great team that Uh chile is coming out with a weighted Blanket That will actually run that That Cool water to sink the heat out of the Body and One of the issues that veterans face is We typically Want to have when when we do sleep in Combat we have what are called plate Carriers uh we’re wearing body armor So and we have steel plates we have we Have panels that will deflect or repel Bullets or fragmentation or What have you and and those things Actually provide a sense of security

That weight is always on your body and It sounds horrible and it certainly Isn’t great for our backs or anything Like that when we’re walking or running Um but when you’re laying down and Resting there’s a comfort for having That weight And in the past If you went to a weighted blanket or a Heavy comforter which most of us really Enjoy being underneath the heat buildup Is tremendous And and you’re never going to get more Than an hour’s sleep so i think that Having a weighted blanket that will Actually pull the heat off your body so You still get the cocooning effect of The weight without the heat Is is just It’s sliced bread I know we’ll have to get you set up Because i think that you’re gonna find That with the weighted blanket and does Have that cooling and heating part about It um but you can sandwich it so uh when You have the pad below you and the Weighted blanket on top of you um for a Lot of people that is that is the magic Sandwich of um feeling you know that Weight and you know as someone has Struggled with depression and mental Illness myself the the weighted blanket Works magically for anxiety it seems Like it’s like you look at it you’re

Like how can that really work but if you Think about it in terms of like bundling A baby you know when we swaddle Ourselves being closed back in the womb You know we want to be kind of squishy Together And it actually draws out all of those Innate sort of genetically driven to be Sort of bundled up and to have that Weight on top of us so we naturally get A serotonin release that helps against That you know combat that anxiety and so It is sort of a magical thing it again It’s talk to people all the time like Does that really work it seems really Simple um but weighted blankets are Pretty simple again no drug it’s not Going to hurt you way To get great sleep to reduce that Anxiety and and it does help you fall Asleep faster and stay sleep longer we Find as well Well i’m excited about that i’m excited About our partnership Uh our veterans are very excited Especially about your giveaway uh Because you know Many many of them have have no knowledge Of any of this kind of stuff so Just the fact that we’re bringing it to The forefront is is very important Because They may not immediately go out and and Pick up a chili pad but but

Understanding the importance of sleep is Is just Exponentially going to promote their Healing process So i can’t thank you enough for your Help with what you’re doing for America’s veterans and i’m really Looking forward to A long-standing partnership and i think That your company Is right on the forefront of pushing A healing that is not tied to ingesting Some type of a pill And that’s exactly what gray team stands For And i couldn’t imagine a better partner No i i have to agree and and so on a Last shout out because um i’m always on A mission you know when i work with Veterans um every chance i get to kind Of talk about you know it’s it’s very Timely we’re we’re going to announce and Do this on veterans day and do the Giveaway but it’s really important that Great teams work doesn’t end and start On a couple days a year when we think About our armed forces and so uh it Isn’t an everyday you’re in the trenches This is you know working with people day To day and so if people want to Give to the gray team to make donations Um How do they go about doing that and we Can include links at the bottom after

The video as well Well it’s a great question i appreciate You bringing that up so great team is 100 Supported just by the community uh we’re The only Nationwide non-profit that is not funded By the federal government in any way Shape or form So it’s it’s companies like you that are Responsible and patriotic as well as Communities And individual donors that keep us Afloat and Allow us to continue our mission So if anybody is interested in Contributing to gray team or helping us In any way whether that’s offering Products or services Or financial help They can go to that’s G-r-e-y-t-e-a-m-o-r-g And uh right there they can donate there They can donate on facebook they can Donate on instagram uh what have you uh They can certainly even send in an Old-fashioned written check and with a Stamp on it that i think is still Acceptable by the post office That’s awesome yeah and i i do that’s a Huge a huge shout out because it is it’s It’s a really worthy cause you guys got To see a tour of their facility um again What they’re what you guys are doing is

Is just remarkable so just a huge shout Out um tomorrow for veterans day and Every day um really appreciate what you Guys are doing and appreciate You opening your door for us to come in And get a tour and participate Thank you tara and and uh all the best Um happy veterans day to you and yours And we’ll talk soon Sounds good bye bye You