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    China Takes Steps to Revive Housing Market, Ease Debt Burden


    China is taking steps to revive its housing market and bolster the income of debt-ridden cities. In February 2021, authorities introduced rules that limited key cities to just three land auctions per year.[0] The restrictions were put in place to discourage speculative bidding by developers during China’s property boom days.

    At the same time, a $2 trillion swathe of China’s local bond market is at a tipping point as issuers struggle to refinance maturing debt.[1] CRIC Securities Research Division, under E-house China, has reported that the real estate sector in China will have a major debt repayment period in the first three quarters of 2023.[2] The report further states that China's real estate supply, demand, and transaction volume will not show any significant signs of recovery in the short term.[3]

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