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    Dell Announces Layoffs to Stay Ahead of Downturn Impacts


    Dell Technologies announced on Monday that it plans to cut approximately 5% of its workforce, or 6,650 jobs, due to a challenging global economic environment.[0] The cuts come as PC and laptop demand has slowed globally, with Dell experiencing a 37% decline in shipments in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to data from industry analyst IDC.[1]

    In a memo to employees, Jeff Clarke, co-chief operating officer at Dell, said the cuts are necessary to “stay ahead of downturn impacts.”[2] He added that the measures Dell had already implemented, such as restrictions on employee travel and a pause on external hiring, were no longer sufficient.[2]

    In addition, Dell is reorganizing its sales, customer-support, product-development and engineering teams.[3] The company is also making changes to the global sales organization, where it will align regional sales and Dell Technologies Select teams to cover customer and partner relationships worldwide.[4] Support teams will be reorganized into similar structures.[4]

    Dell's cuts add to the growing list of technology companies that have been forced to make similar decisions due to the economic impact of the pandemic.[5] Other companies that have laid off employees include Google, Amazon, Meta, Twitter, Intel, Microsoft, Salesforce, PayPal and HubSpot.[0]

    Dell is taking steps to provide support to those affected by the job cuts.[5] “This is a difficult decision that was not made lightly, and we’ll support those impacted as they transition to their next opportunity,” Clarke wrote.[6] We will be successful like we always have been, for our clients, associates, and ourselves.[4] Our competitiveness, focus, and operational performance will be taken to a new level.[4] When the market rebounds, we will be prepared.[3]

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