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    Demystifying ADHD: How Brown, Jinks, and Slater are Creating Change


    Texas psychiatrist Dawn Brown is working to demystify Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for both parents and children. Brown was diagnosed with the neurological disorder at age 31, and she strives to help kids with ADHD through a combination of medication and behavioral management. Brown believes that ADHD is predominantly genetic, and her mission is to educate people that it is not caused by bad parenting.

    In addition to Brown’s work is artist Tyler Jinks, who has no formal training beyond high school and junior college art classes. Jinks has developed a Sunday night tradition of spending two hours on each bag, drawing everyone from rap stars to NBA legends to cultural figures.

    Finally, teacher Janice Slater works with 27 students at Uplift White Rock Hills Preparatory School.[0] She brings an open mind and a lot of patience to her classroom.[1] By educating and supporting both children and adults, Brown, Jinks, and Slater are helping to de-stigmatize ADHD and promote understanding and acceptance of the disorder.

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