Devan McConnell, Director of Reconditioning; New Jersey Devils | ChiliSleep™

Devan McConnell, Director of Reconditioning; New Jersey Devils | ChiliSleep™

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Devan McConnell, Director of Performance Science and Reconditioning for the New Jersey Devils NHL team, tells us how important sleep is for recovery and performance on and off the ice.



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ChiliSleep™ is a sleep technology brand that optimizes health and wellness through clinically researched and drug-free sleep therapies to improve sleep quality. As the original inventors of the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-regulated sleep system, ChiliSleep is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. ChiliSleep’s award-winning sleep solutions Cube™ and OOLER® consistently outperform the competition in the cooling/warming mattress topper category.

My name is devin mcconnell and i am the Director of performance science and Reconditioning with the new jersey Devils in the national hockey league I’ve been in the performance world As a strength coach as a director as a Sports scientist for About the last 15 years Sleep is probably the most important Component As far as recovery and regeneration and Really maximizing Potential on the ice and in sport it Really underpins Everything that happens on the ice Underpins uh the training in the gym Strength and conditioning Underpins nutrition you can do all of Those things as well as possible And be dialed in as possible in the gym But if you’re not sleeping well You’re not able to recover and adapt to What you’re doing and you’re really Missing A big component So the ooler is a water-based mattress Topper Very thin fits underneath your fitted Sheets on your bed that essentially Can cool or heat your mattress or your Sleeping surface down to 55 degrees Which helps to boost deep sleep or all The way up to 115 degrees that is Basically nice and cozy and warm

It’s an app based system so you can Schedule it on an app on your phone That allows you to personalize the Temperature settings and it also has a Dual zone Uh design so that uh if you have a Partner if i you know i’m sleeping next To my wife She can have her own settings on one Side of the bed i can have my own Settings On the other side of the bed and we can Both kind of personalize the sleep Requirements that we that we want and Then it has a you know basically a Pleasant white noise To it that actually can be quite uh Beneficial from a sleeping standpoint [Music] Sleep is absolutely a weapon when it Comes to performance and Elite level athletes there’s such a Small window of opportunity to make Improvements especially in the in-season Period Anything that we can do to improve sleep And improve Rest is going to be going to have a Major impact on performance In a perfect world you’d have uh you Know sleep quality and Sleep quantity but we don’t obviously Live in a perfect world and If you have to pick one over the other

You certainly want to emphasize Sleep quality and deep sleep which is Restorative Sleep and important to the recovery Process so in my Personal experience you know i have two Young kids at home and a new puppy Sleep quantity is at a premium and is Tough to find So it’s really been beneficial to get Improvements in sleep Quality that help to make up a lot of The difference From that same one I would absolutely recommend the hula For athletes and and General population alike i think sleep Is Absolutely crucial to uh just general Human function let alone Uh elite performance in athletics the Uler is a system that I fully endorse and think has been Fantastic and has a lot of potential to Improve performance