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    Fed Keeps Hawkish Stance Despite Market Turbulence


    Over the last year, the Federal Reserve has increased its benchmark interest rate from near zero to a range of 4.5% to 4.75%, and has signalled plans for even more hikes.[0] Recent economic data showing stubborn inflation and a strong job market has caused market watchers to expect an increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve.[1] As the current inflation rate of 6.4% is the lowest since October 2021, it remains above the Federal Reserve’s target rate of 2%, meaning more rate increases are likely needed to combat inflation.[2]

    The stock market has been struggling over the past month, but this shouldn’t be a surprise based on historical patterns.[3] Over the past 25 years, February has been among the worst months for the S&P 500, averaging a loss of 0.4%.[3] Nevertheless, the bull case for stocks is still in place as long as the Fed remains on the path it set last year.[3]

    The Fed’s February meeting minutes revealed that members believe “ongoing” interest rate increases are necessary, with a few members pushing for a 50 basis points hike.[4] This has injected dollar bulls with renewed confidence, leaving G10 currencies sore and vulnerable.[5]

    It might be more prudent to listen to fresher comments by Fed officials, such as Loretta Mester and James Bullard, who both advocate for a 50-basis points hike.[6] Despite the disruption caused by rising interest rates, Bullard believes that the United States economy can still remain stable.[7] A no-landing scenario appears likely, despite the hawkishness from the Federal Reserve, which should bring solace to investors.[7]

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