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    Financial Infidelity: How to Have the Difficult Money Talks in Your Relationship


    Discussing money can be a delicate issue, even when it is with your partner.[0] Recently, you and your partner have been facing the same money-related problems and you are uncertain of how to resolve them.[1] But you are far from alone on this issue. The GOBankingRates survey revealed that 19% of Americans aged 18 and above stated they sometimes quarrel with their partner over financial issues, while 13% stated they often have such arguments.[2]

    These points of view may be causing secret-keeping.[3] 21% of people have confessed to concealing purchases from their significant other; this percentage increases to 28% among those aged 45-54.[4] 20% of people suspect that their partner is being untruthful about their finances, which corresponds to the same figure.[4] Thirteen percent of people have debt that they are not disclosing to their partners.[3]

    Money issues and tensions are widely known to be major sources of conflict in relationships and leads to divorce.[5] Financial infidelity is a real issue, and it can cause deep resentments in a relationship if it is not addressed. Consider a partner who hides debt or isn’t honest about the extent of their assets.[6] When a couple is attempting to save up for a large purchase such as a down payment on a house, one partner's reluctance to communicate can impede the progress of their goal and adversely impact the other partner's finances.[6] Money experts refer to these types of habits as “financial infidelity.”[6]

    What is the best way to begin a potentially difficult conversation?[2] No matter what stage of the relationship you are in, these are some tips to help you approach “money talk”.[2] In order to start the often “uncomfortable” conversations around money, young couples should be open and candid regarding their financial situation, objectives, attitude, and plans for the future.[7] Engaging in dialogue around finances can be advantageous in that it facilitates the process of formulating sound decisions and creating a strategy for achieving both parties' financial objectives with little to no modifications to their respective lifestyles or ambitions.[7]

    Discussing finances early on in a relationship is vital, as failing to do so can lead to money becoming a source of tension and potentially cause serious damage. It is important to be upfront and honest about financial matters, as this can prevent any issues arising later on.[0] These conversations can be hard to have, but it’s important to make sure both parties are on the same page about money and that both parties feel respected and heard.[8]

    One way to tackle the problem is to establish a joint account.

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