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    Financial Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid – Real Life Examples


    We all make mistakes.[0] Whether it be in our personal or professional lives, bad decisions can have far-reaching financial repercussions that can be hard to recover from. From expensive shipping costs to leasing a car, marriage to the wrong partner, and even buying a mobile home, these financial blunders can haunt us for years.

    Take u/eatafetus632 for example—they’re a doctor and they don’t think the sacrifices they made to get to where they are were worth it. Even from a less self-centered point of view, they don’t think they do much good for others.

    u/Hured2001 bought a vintage guitar from England and had to get it shipped over the pond. But due to a wrong address, the item was shipped to Canada, held at the depot for a couple of weeks, and then sent back to the guy in England.[0] They had to cover a fee and get it shipped over the pond again.

    u/Bubbafett33 bought a mobile home as a starter home but never realized the importance of investment and future planning. Mobile homes don’t hold or increase in value so they’re a terrible financial decision.

    u/DabLord5425 got a year membership to a boot-camp-style gym, paying half upfront.

    u/LtDrowsy7788 opened a credit card in college and completely forgot about it.[0] Three years later they were being called by collection agencies over a $20 debt with hundreds in ‘collection fees’.

    u/mangotangy’s mistake was getting married to the wrong partner. People tend to forget that marriage is a financial commitment as well, and if you’re with someone who has no clue about financial management, it can be a rollercoaster ride.[0]

    u/melouddd leased a brand new vehicle and found out it’s extremely hard to get out of if cash becomes tight.[0]

    u/eatafetus632 also went to college right out of high school without being sure why.

    u/Hured2001 took a job way up north in Canada and ended up hating it. They had to get rid of tons of stuff and their dad helped sell the house, but they couldn’t afford a new one in the current market.

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