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    Greater Idaho” Returns to Idaho Legislature with New Proposal


    The “Greater Idaho” discussion has returned to the Idaho Legislature, with a proposal to authorize Idaho and Oregon to begin talks over whether it’s feasible to move the Idaho border into eastern Oregon. Early last month, Oregon Senate bill SJM 2 was introduced and read on the Oregon Senate floor, inviting discussions between the Oregon and Idaho Legislatures and the Governors of Idaho and Oregon about the Greater Idaho movement (still not voted on yet).

    Now, Representatives Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, and Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls, are sponsoring House Joint Memorial 1, a nonbinding petition that invites the Oregon Legislature to begin discussions with the Idaho Legislature about the potential to relocate the Idaho/Oregon border.[0] KOIN reported that an analogous joint memorial was presented in Oregon earlier in the year.[0]

    The bill was unanimously awarded a bill number, HJM 1, by the Idaho House of Representatives’ State Affairs Committee after a short discussion.[1] A full committee hearing is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 13.[2]

    [3] A final report on an economic analysis, which was funded by the Claremont Institute, was cited by Representative Boyle.[1] A study revealed that an annual net benefit of $170 million to the state budget of Idaho would result from relocating the border.[1]

    Last month, Matt McCaw, Spokesperson for Greater Idaho, told KOIN 6 that Eastern Oregon is far more aligned culturally, politically and economically with Idaho than it is with western Oregon.[2] In Oregon, there has been a deep-rooted urban-rural divide for a considerable period of time. Our campaign is about allowing people to make their own choices and having the government that corresponds to their beliefs and ideals.[2]

    U.S. Congress would need to approve any border adjustment between Idaho and Oregon, and both state legislatures would also need to consent.[4] Advocates for the movement in Idaho have maintained that it would be beneficial to the people of Idaho, as it would enlarge the state budget and provide Idahoans with an extra representative in Congress.[5]

    Mike McCarter is the head of the Greater Idaho Movement.[6]

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