Help Our Heroes Sleep Better | Giveaway -  ChiliSleep

Help Our Heroes Sleep Better | Giveaway – ChiliSleep

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You can help the lives of those who helped us sleep sounder. This month, for every Dock Pro WE system purchased, we’re giving a Veteran a free ME system.

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Hello i’m tara youngblood from chili Sleep we are offering a special program For those of you buying a we doc pro System that you can give back a me System to a veteran in need through March 31st we are committed on a One-for-one program because sleep Matters for those coming back from Combat there’s often an invisible cost Of sleep and mental health that we can’t See This is an opportunity to give that back To them So again one doc pro wii system for one Me system for a veteran and you can give Back too Hi my name is carrie reichbach i am one Of the co-founders and current president Of great team military community Most times When you Are a service member you typically don’t Get a lot of sleep so to be able to get Good restful deep sleep to restore brain Function and uh and heal the body is Extremely difficult the fight or flight That is activated in my body and has Been for years my sleep is constantly Interrupted by rapid heart rate and Things like that that that will elevate My body temperature I think chili sleep is an amazing tool That Veterans can use

To pull the heat away from their bodies