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    Home Depot Announces $1 Billion Investment in Raising Wages and Benefits for Associates


    Home Depot announced on Tuesday that it will invest $1 billion in raising wages and benefits for its frontline hourly associates.[0] The home improvement retailer will increase the minimum wage for its hourly store employees to $15 an hour, effective February 17. Additionally, those who are currently employed will receive commensurate raises.[1]

    The move follows similar decisions by Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, to raise its minimum wage to $14 an hour for store employees and have an average U.S. hourly wage of more than $17.50, as of early March.

    “The most important investment we can make is in our people,” said Ted Decker, chair, president and CEO of Home Depot.[2] This investment is expected to give us a competitive edge in the market, allowing us to acquire and maintain the talent necessary for delivering the quality customer experience we aspire to.[2]

    As the competition for low-skilled workers continues to grow with the unemployment rate hovering at near-record lows, Home Depot’s decision to increase wages demonstrates the growing pressure businesses are feeling to attract and retain employees in this job market. The wage increase is also a sign that companies are looking to make longer-term investments despite fears of an impending recession.

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