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    Inflation, Interest Rates, and the Uncertainty of a Potential Recession


    Is the current economic climate indicative of a recession?[0] This is the question on many people’s minds as economists are divided on where the US economy is headed.[1] At the root of this confusion is inflation, which rose last year and prompted the Federal Reserve to take action in the form of successive rate increases.[1] This has been effective in reducing inflation from its peak of 9.1% last year, but the current 6.5% inflation rate is still well above the Fed’s target of 2%–3%, which will necessitate additional Fed interest rate hikes in the first half of this year.[2]

    Economists are divided on whether the Fed has already increased rates too fast and too high, and whether the economy will ultimately avoid a recession. Inflation eased again in January, though the higher-than-expected data has some economists worried that the Federal Reserve is going to prolong its interest rate hikes, which could tip the economy into a recession.

    On one hand, the continued strength in the monthly employment reports points to a “soft landing” scenario. On the other hand, the rapid decline in growth is a recession signal in and of itself.[3] What we really need to look out for, says one economist, is the danger of a major recession.[4]

    In anticipation of additional Fed tightening, short-term interest rates moved up during January, while longer-term rates tend to be more forward looking and fell over the course of the month.[5] On Feb. 1, following the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, Fed Chair Powell's “dovish” comments, in addition to the lowest rate hike since April 2022, resulted in the yield decreasing to 3.39%. Nonetheless, it climbed back to 3.53% after the extremely positive January employment report.[5]

    Be mindful of potential economic and market volatility, especially during the first half of the year, as the Federal Reserve is expected to continue raising rates.[6] Should inflation persist, it is likely that interest rates will remain steady, resulting in economic growth.[6] In the meantime, the only certainty is uncertainty; only time will tell if the US will avoid a recession or not.[3]

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