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    Investing Strategies for Black Moms: Building Wealth for 2023 and Beyond


    Building Wealth and Financial Literacy for Black Moms in 2023

    Black women face many financial barriers when it comes to building wealth for their families. With the right strategies and tools, however, Black moms can begin to create a financial strategy that will set them up for long-term success. From prioritizing retirement savings to investing for their family’s future, financial literacy can help Black women take control of their financial future and create a legacy of wealth for their loved ones.

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    This page provides investing information for educational purposes only.[2] NerdWallet does not provide advisory or brokerage services, nor does it advise investors as to whether they should buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments.[2] The 10 Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards for 2023, The 10 Best Rewards Credit Cards for 2023, and The Best Credit Card of the Year (0% Interest Until Nearly 2025) are just a few of the strategies Black women can use to invest for their family’s future.

    This week’s episode is dedicated to a conversation about how Black women can balance the emotional trade-offs of building wealth and strategies they can use to invest for their family’s future.[3] Having an investment strategy, prioritizing retirement savings, being consistent in their wealth-building efforts, and teaching their children financial education are all steps Black moms can take to gain control of their financial future.

    Explore GOBankingRates’ 2023 Banking Resource Center for the latest news on banking, credit cards, investing and more.[4] Money Experts Share the Smartest Ways To Boost Your Net Worth and 10 Ways To Build Your Wealth Better, According to Experts are just a few of the articles that can help Black women understand their financial options.

    Whether it’s through investing, financial education, or setting specific financial goals, Black moms can begin building a legacy of wealth for their families.

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