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    Investors Remain Bearish Despite Stock Market Gains for 2021


    Investors appear to be less than enthusiastic about the stock market's bullish outlook this year, according to Bank of America.[0] They have pulled money out of US technology and healthcare stocks and the outflow trend of the past month is the worst since January of 2019.[0] Investor sentiment continues to remain bearish, as 57 of the past 58 weekly surveys show bearish respondents outnumbering bullish respondents.[0]

    Michael Hartnett of BofA recommends investors pull back from the S&P 500 once it reaches the 4,100 to 4,200 range.[1] He believes another tightening of financial conditions may be required to tip the US economy into a recession.

    Meanwhile, Wells Fargo strategist Anna Han believes the rally in US stocks may be short-lived.[2] Investors have been bidding for risk, but Han says the risk appetite is more likely to be fleeting than long-lasting.[2] She adds that when the bar is lowered, it is hard to trip over, and this is what is helping equities rally.[2]

    The S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones have all made gains so far this year, and the three indexes got a further boost Thursday as investors cheered strong GDP data and Tesla earnings. Corporates are cutting their earnings growth and feeling their margin pressures, but it's not a significant contraction.[3] It seems investors are relieved that things are not as bad as feared.

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