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    January Employment Data to Affect AUD/USD – Unemployment Rate Steady at 3.5%


    On Thursday, February 16, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will be releasing its January employment figures.[0] This data is expected to be a key catalyst for the AUD/USD pair traders, as the country seeks to add 20,000 new job positions after losing 14,600 in December.[1] The Unemployment Rate is expected to remain steady at 3.5%, while the Participation Rate is seen unchanged at 66.6%.[2] Alongside monthly employment numbers, the country will also publish February Consumer Inflation Expectations, which is foreseen at 5.6%.[2]

    From the three months to December, the unemployment rate came in at 3.7%, 0.1% higher than the previous period. The participation rate fell 0.1 percentage point to 66.5% in January, while it had fallen 0.2 percentage points to 66.6% in December.[3] Additionally, the jobless rate climbed to 3.7% in January from 3.5%.

    In the UK, the number of payrolled employees rose 0.3% or 102,000 persons compared to December last year.[4] The jobless rate was 0.2% below pre-pandemic levels and total pay was down 3.1% in terms of annual growth/decline.

    For the Aussie jobs report, economists and researchers at six major banks expect a rebound in job growth, with the unemployment rate remaining steady at 3.5%. This would confirm the underlying employment recovery momentum has continued despite the contraction seen at the end of last year.[0] It is probable that the amount of hours worked has increased since contracting in November and December.[5]

    Overall, labour-market data should confirm the growth in economic activity and inflation pressures from the labour market, which will support the RBA's tightening campaign.[5]

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