Jeff Hoffman, Pitcher: Cincinnati Reds | ChiliSleep™

Jeff Hoffman, Pitcher: Cincinnati Reds | ChiliSleep™

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Jeff Hoffman is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball (MLB). He previously played for the Colorado Rockies and was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1st round (9th) of the 2014 MLB June Amateur Draft from East Carolina University.



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I think uhler is is helpful for all Types of athletes because it allows you To Get the most out of your night and it Allows you to refresh your body and For baseball players specifically and we Play a long season 162 games in The right in the middle of the summer so Getting a good night rest after being in The heat All day long repetitively your night of Sleep Becomes extremely important to your to Your next day I think it boosts performance gains by By allowing you to wake up Fresh um and for me that’s the one thing I’ve i’ve noticed the most Since i’ve started using the ruler is i Wake up more refreshed More rested don’t need near as many cups Of coffee in the morning And and i think you know that’s a huge Part of Of being able to get the most out of Your day is starting off on the right Foot So i think it helps you create a good Schedule and You definitely feel more rested and You’re able to get more out of your day My sleep data from from the woop band That i Track my sleep with has has gotten

Better and better every night the thing That i see the most That’s improved is my tossing and Turning i do that less When i don’t have to remove and put back Blankets throughout the night [Music] I think that uluru will make a huge Difference for for athletes that Play long seasons and they get more Quality sleep um they can Recover better they wake up feeling more Refreshed Overall they just wake up feeling better And recharged And i think that’s really important for An athlete that needs to be at their Best On a nightly basis [Music] I think sleep is probably the most Important of all those You know sleep starts the whole cycle And you can’t Get in the weight room and get the most Out of your workout unless you Get a good night’s sleep beforehand so You know for me Sleep definitely starts the cycle of our Of our day For us to be able to get the most out of Our day we have to get a good night