Karl Monger, Former Infantry Officer, Ranger | ChiliSleep™

Karl Monger, Former Infantry Officer, Ranger | ChiliSleep™

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Karl is a former Army Infantry Officer and Ranger. He describes how important a quality night’s sleep is for military personnel and civilians alike.



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Well hi my name is carl monger i’m a Former army infantry officer Retired major in the reserves and i Served on active duty from 1983 To 1993 i was a paratrooper I was an empty officer and i was a Ranger And i spent three years with the first Ranger battalion And left active duty uh about a year and A half after desert storm To me something that is absolutely Crucial Whether your active duty veteran or Just an athlete or someone who wants to Be in better shape is sleep Sleep is absolutely the primary thing That helps you recover And if you don’t get good sleep then Your brain doesn’t have the opportunity To refresh And if your brain doesn’t refresh then You go into a cycle over and over of Potential depression And just feeling really bad good night’s Sleep Will circulate all of those bad Chemicals out of your brain And will help you recover faster and Feel better every day One of the things that in my experience In the special operations world and As being a ranger officer is you beat Your body up

Here i am when i was about 50 years old I had a total right hip replacement Which usually you’re a lot older when That happens but those ranger years Tend to put extra wear and tear on your Body i also have three Herniated discs in my neck and two in my Lower spine And i have degenerative disc disease Which is a form of arthritis That runs all through my spine if i Don’t get Good sleep then i’m not going to feel Better every day And the chili pad i like to run it at About 61 degrees at night Have a nice heavy blanket over the top Of me my wife on the other hand Likes to have hers about 72 degrees Every night with the heavy blank over Her But the wonderful thing about chilipad Is we are both able to use Our own individual settings so we can Maximize what works best for us for Sleep That good sleep helps your body recover I wish that i had A chili pad when i was on active duty Because i think my physical recovery Would have been a lot Quicker than it was The chili pad is super easy to set up You get a control box and the

Associated cables and the mattress pad All comes in in one box And you put the mattress pad underneath Whatever you’re existing if you have a Fitted sheet that covers your bed the Bottom part it needs to be Right above your mattress and then it Plugs into A plastic cable that runs to the control Unit the control unit i stash Underneath my bedside table and then you Plug it in And fill it up with water and it’s Really that simple It took about five minutes to actually Set the chili pad up You know a lot of military folks they Will Perhaps use alcohol to try to help them Sleep I encourage you give chili pad a try and Don’t Take that drink before you go to sleep Turn off your electronic devices read up A little bit about sleep In terms of setting the ideal conditions And then Figure out what temperature works best For you with the chili pad You’re going to find your physical Recovery Because of the better sleep that you get Will be faster Will be more full and you will just feel

Better And if your physical recovery is faster And fuller Then that means the next time you work Out you can go that much harder And you can continue to build on that Process but the baseline The foundation for everything else that Happens Has got to be good sleep so get some Good sleep get a chili pad You