Kendall Ryan, USA Pro Cyclist | How to Improve Sleep | ChiliSleep™

Kendall Ryan, USA Pro Cyclist | How to Improve Sleep | ChiliSleep™

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Kendall Ryan is an American racing cyclist, who currently rides for UCI Women’s Continental Team Tibco–Silicon Valley Bank. She rode at the 2014 UCI Road World Championships. In May 2018 she won the first stage of the Amgen Tour of California, eventually coming third in the sprint standings for the race. In 2019 she won the Women’s Pro race at the 2019 Air Force Association Cycling Classic.



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Hi my name is kendall ryan i am a Professional cyclist and i race for the Usa cycling national team And legion of los angeles before chile Pad i Would wake up in the middle of the night I had to chug a whole bottle of water It would be really difficult to fall Back sleep and i would just wake up the Next morning exhausted It’s been really important for me to Upgrade my sleep because in order for me To push myself on the bike I need to make sure that i have good Sleep quality my chili pad sleep system Has A huge impact on my performance and Recovery especially here at altitude at The olympic training center What i love most about my chilipop sleep System is i’m not waking up in the Middle of night Tossing my covers off overheated it Regulates my temperature And i’m ready to take on the day and i Don’t feel lethargic or like i can take A nap Shoulder sleep has been a game changer For me