Kirk 'Doc' Parlsey, Former Navy SEAL | Quality Sleep | ChiliSleep™

Kirk ‘Doc’ Parlsey, Former Navy SEAL | Quality Sleep | ChiliSleep™

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Kirk ’Doc’ Parlsey is a former Navy SEAL, has been a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine since 2006 and has served as Naval Special Warfare’s expert on Sleep Medicine. Kirk describes how the OOLER Sleep System can boost the quality of sleep in everyone, including Navy SEAL’s.

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ChiliSleep™ is a sleep technology brand that optimizes health and wellness through clinically researched and drug-free sleep therapies to improve sleep quality. As the original inventors of the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-regulated sleep system, ChiliSleep is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. ChiliSleep’s award-winning sleep solutions Cube™ and OOLER® consistently outperform the competition in the cooling/warming mattress topper category.

Hi my name is kurt parshley aka doc Parsley Right out of high school in 1988 i Joined the military And became a navy seal i was a seal Until 1994. I got out went to college Then went back into the military in 2000 I went to the military’s medical school In bethesda And then after that job did a navy Residency in hyperbarics and undersea Medicine Went back to the seal teams is a Position there Started working with all the guys in the Realm of Sleep Uh when i would do my seal team lectures I would talk to them all about the Importance of sleep now if you know Anything about the seals and seal Training We go a week without sleep so it’s uh It’s not something that’s highly valued In the community Nor is it highly valued in the medical World and then when i do the lectures i Used to When i began back in 2009 i’d always say There’s four pillars of health there’s Sleep nutrition Exercise and then stress mitigation and In the last four

Four three four years i’ve been Switching that same as three pillars of Health there’s Exercise nutrition and stress mitigation But they all sit on the foundation of Sleep if you aren’t sleeping Adequately if you aren’t sleeping well You’re not performing as well as you Possibly can You’re not getting as much out of your Nutrition you’re not getting as much out Of your exercise in your And you’re not getting as much out of Your stress mitigation not only are you Not getting as much out of those things You’re not as good at any of those Things Uh when you don’t sleep well [Music] The chili pad is a fantastic product and I’ll tell you why i know you’re asking Why is it a fantastic product because it Improves your sleep One of the cues one of the natural cues For falling asleep at the lower body Temperature And so we sleep better in a cold Environment Now when you start to get too hot Because And that could be because of what your Mattress is made of That could be because the clothes you’re Wearing the amount of

Sheets and blankets and so forth on your Bed or it could be the temperature of The room or all Any combination thereof one of the Things that the Chili pad is fantastic for is Getting rid of that component of moving Around so You can stay cool enough where you don’t Have to move around as much What the less you move around the higher Quality of sleep you get I don’t have it on but i have a garmin Watch that that i track my sleep with I’ve used the aura ring as well I find personally that my deep sleep Increases significantly Um yeah maybe 50 Sometimes sometimes double what i what I’m anticipating based on kind of the Quality of the sleep and the situation That i’m in Uh but but usually at least fifty Percent more Uh deep sleep just by not moving around Then i have a very cold environment and You know i do everything right like i Mean i teach this for a living so i do It well And the chili pad definitely helps me Sleep better Pretty simple uh little devices go next To your bed I know for sure king uh you can split it

In half you can have different Temperatures on two different beds there Are two different sides of the bed They call it a chili pad but it can Actually warm you up too is what you Know if you If you want to warm your bed up for any Reason you know cold winter or whatever You want to layer on a bad breed you can Use that you know almost like a little Heating pad so it goes both ways You put this little cube down you put Some water into it and basically Circulate the water through the sloping Tubes and then either warm the water up Or it pulls the water off Um and it’s just a bunch of fine little Tubes that go like this into like a Mattress pad that has a little Padding on it so that you don’t feel Those tubes and It will keep your sleeping surfaces if You keep your sleeping surface More comfortable which means you will Move around less which means you will Get a higher quality sleep Sleep is i i say it’s the most underused Performance enhancing tool that we have Um a good night of sleep is far more Important than a good day of exercise or A good day of eating well or a good day Controlling your stress Those things are all obviously Beneficial all those things are made

Better by a good night’s sleep All those things if you do all the Things well you’re likely to get a Better night’s sleep However all improvement happens while You sleep so when you go to sleep You’re getting better at everything if You’ve been exercising your body’s Repairing from that exercising it’s Using The exercise as a guide as to how to Make your body stronger and more Resilient to that type of exercise if You have a highly cognitive job Highly emotional job or high emotional Life or Highly cognitive life it doesn’t matter If you’re using your brain a lot if You’re using your body a lot All of that restoration and all the Improvement Is happening while you sleep when you Exercise you don’t get stronger you get Weaker When you sleep and you recover you get Stronger when you learn a bunch of new Information it’s held It’s hanging around in your working Memory when it’s hanging around your Working memory you can’t access as Well you can’t compare it to other Information that you know So when you when you do this type of Exercise when you do

A high quality sleep after you’ve Learned you can put that into a Long-term more durable memory You can associate it with other Information that you know you learn the Information better you have more use Of the information and then also you Emotionally categorize what’s going on In your day What’s going on in your day and in your Life you put those things in perspective You dream about those things you Rehearse them you think about them All of this is like getting you ready to Be a better version of yourself tomorrow So sleep is the most critical thing that You can possibly do to improve any Performance Get every minute of sleep that you need Get the highest quality of sleep And the chili pad will help with that Quality of sleep