Klodian Mitri: Amateur Endurance Athlete | OOLER | ChiliSleep™

Klodian Mitri: Amateur Endurance Athlete | OOLER | ChiliSleep™

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Klodian Mitri is an Amateur Championship Endurance Athlete; devoted to his family, his work and his craft. How does he find success as an Ironman, work a day job and be a great Father/Husband? The OOLER is our most advanced and most luxurious sleep system with a hydro-powered thermal range that operates from 55-115°F / 13-46°C. Sleep Cool in the Summer and warm in Winter.

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What’s up everyone my name is claudia Meetry i’m a top ranked amateur Triathlete Out here in salt lake city utah I just want to focus a little bit on Chili sleep and the amazing product that They do that really has helped me Really get the most out of my 24 hours In a day When i’m training i’m focused 100 In that rep and that’s that what i’m Doing at that moment How i can really push that redline to Become a better athlete And then when i’m going to bed i’m 100 Focused on maximizing the quality of My sleep and since i invested in the Chili pad It has been revolutionary especially With the ulear system As we’re winding down with our kids i Think kids has been one of the biggest Blessings to my sleep routine because as They’re winding down and we’re getting Them ready for bed I get an alert to turn on my uber system And get my bed ready for me just to jump In and most importantly that i can get That deep And rem sleep to really maximize my Development And my recovery [Music] The lure system has been great because

I’m able to Control how cold i can make My bed which is great just because i Always used to have the struggle of I’ll start with my feet out of the Blanket then i would toss and turn for a Little bit And then put my feet in the blanket i Love a nice Thick comforter and then i would have to Drape it Across my body now i’m sleeping the same Eight to nine hours a day However i don’t have that battle of Trying to get comfortable in the middle Of the night Because i’m overheating [Music] And the great thing is even though i’m Sharing a bed with my wife we both Are two different individuals she’s a Hardcore stay at home mom I like to think i’m a hardcore athlete So our bodies have different needs and How we’re recovering So she’s able to update her app based on Her Time timely needs of the temperatures That she would like the Chili pad set to which is much different For me i usually keep mine around 62 She keeps hers about 68 69 degrees [Music] I never really noticed how

Much deep sleep really impacted my Recovery i knew that that’s where The recovery really happened um Oftentimes as Athletes we’re willing to spend Thousands and thousands of dollars on These fast bikes however we don’t think About two of the most important things Which are free Getting good sleep and eating quality Food I’ve been able to notice that especially Since i invested in The chili system and also around the Same time that i got The ordering because i was able to see The fact that i was able to get Significantly more deep sleep which is Where that development Happens i push myself so hard during the Workouts but if i’m Not able to recover appropriately with That sleep and the nutrition What’s the point why am i working so Hard and Through chili pad and ordering i’m able To see Where i am getting that quality sleep And You know i can see that it’s not more Not really a placebo effect because Sometimes i don’t I really ignore the data before my Workouts and i just try to see

If it’s a mental thing if the data is Accurate But i do notice that on the days where i Push myself Too far that my body craves that sleep More And i’m able to adjust my bedtime as Needed [Music] So an ironman an ironman is a 2.4 mile Swim 112 mile bike ride and an entire Marathon and this allows you to brag for The rest of your life Uh the cool thing about an iron man is i Never thought that i would do something Like that however Now i do it actively it’s something that I look forward to that that Endorphin rush it sets that sets the Energy tone for my day This year i’m focusing on the half man World championships which is A 1.2 mile swim uh 56 mile bike ride And a half marathon the difference Between the two half iron man and a full Iron man Is more so the speed i like to think That a half iron man even though it’s a Four hour race which is Mind numbing long it is a speed session For me Versus a full ironman which is anywhere From eight to nine hours

It’s more of a endurance game where You’re just You just want to be the last one to slow Down so Doing these type of endurance events Requires a lot of Training and i’ve been able to focus More on my training As i also focus more on my sleep as one Gets better So does the training as well