Meet ChiliSleep™ | Cooling Mattress Pad | ChiliSleep™

Meet ChiliSleep™ | Cooling Mattress Pad | ChiliSleep™

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Meet ChiliSleep, temperature technology for deep sleep. Become a ChiliSleeper! Sleep better and be your best self! Create your own temperature sleep recipe using our hydro-powered sleep solutions. The OOLER is our most advanced and most luxurious sleep system with a hydro-powered thermal range that operates from 55-115°F / 13-46°C. Sleep Cool in the Summer and warm in Winter.



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About ChiliSleep™:
ChiliSleep™ is a sleep technology brand that optimizes health and wellness through clinically researched and drug-free sleep therapies to improve sleep quality. As the original inventors of the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-regulated sleep system, ChiliSleep is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. ChiliSleep’s award-winning sleep solutions Cube™ and OOLER® consistently outperform the competition in the cooling/warming mattress topper category.

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