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    Miraculous Rescue of Family in Turkey After Devastating Earthquakes


    Rescuers in Turkey have made a miraculous discovery, pulling a child, a woman and two men alive from the wreckage of buildings almost 11 days after devastating earthquakes struck the region. The quakes, which had a magnitude of 7.8 and 9 hours later a powerful 6.0, destroyed thousands of buildings across southern Turkey and northern Syria, killing more than 41,000 people.[0]

    On Saturday, a family of five were rescued from the rubble in Gaziantep province, and a seven-year-old girl in Hatay was pulled out after 132 hours buried beneath it. On Friday, a 45-year-old man was rescued from the debris.

    The earthquakes have been described as the “worst event in 100 years” in the region by the United Nations aid chief, who was in the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras on Saturday. The World Health Organization's regional director for Europe has said that the quakes are the “worst natural disaster in the WHO European Region for a century”.

    The Istanbul Union of Chambers of Engineers and Urban Planners chair, Pelin Pinar Giritlioglu, approximated that nearly 75,000 buildings in the region affected by the earthquakes have been granted amnesties, according to an interview with the BBC.[1] This means that the buildings are not demolished despite not meeting regulations listed in the building and earthquake codes.[1] Tens of thousands of these amnesties were granted after an amnesty law was passed in 2018, including in earthquake-affected areas.[2]

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