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    Netflix Tightening Password Sharing Rules in Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal


    Netflix is expanding its crackdown on password sharing with new limits being imposed on multi-household account use in Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal.[0] The streaming service has been testing “paid sharing” in other countries, such as Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, where an account holder pays for an extra person to access the service.[1]

    Under the new rules, users in the four countries will be able to add an extra member subaccount for up to two people they don’t live with—each with a profile—for an additional fee.[2] This fee will range from CAD$7.99 in Canada to 3.99 Euros in Portugal.[3] Additionally, users will be able to transfer a profile to a new paid account so they can keep their personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and more.

    Those using an account can also easily transfer a profile to a new account that they pay for. Netflix says it will help users set up a primary location where anyone living in that household can access the account.[3]

    The company is also introducing device verification measures in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, where users are required to verify their home devices every month.[4] Users would be encouraged to create their own account at a discounted rate, and devices outside the home would be blocked.[4]

    [5] Previously, the company had stated they would utilize other approaches, such as two-factor authentication, to permit devices that are unknown to access accounts.[6]

    The company has been testing the features in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru since March and is now rolling out the new features in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain with plans to expand more broadly in the coming months. It’s unclear when the new policy will make its way to the U.S., but it’s only a matter of time.[7]

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