Nick Norris, Former Navy SEAL Talks About Sleep | ChiliSleep™

Nick Norris, Former Navy SEAL Talks About Sleep | ChiliSleep™

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Nick Norris is a former Navy SEAL and the Executive Director at the C4 Foundation. Nick describes how his sleep has been impacted through the use of our ChiliSleep products and how our partnership with the C4 Foundation will help the SEAL community and their families.

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My name is nick norris and i served in The seal teams from 2003 to 2013 After graduating from the united states Naval academy I think one thing i’ve realized recently Is that Sleep is probably more important Than a lot of the physical training that I’ve done throughout my career Without sleep you don’t recover without Sleep you’re not clear-headed without Sleep you’re not going to be the best Version of yourself and ultimately sleep Is what allows you to perform at your Physical limit It has been an amazing addition to my Nighttime routine i think since using The uler I have slept better deeper I have less wake ups at night and Overall i I sweat less when i sleep that night When i first received the uhler i was Actually pleasantly surprised to see how Easy it was to set up I mean even for somebody like myself it Took me Maybe 10 or 15 minutes to get it out of The box fully set up And ultimately it was ready for me to Use For any athlete or any individual for That matter Sleep is so important to overall

Recovery and Performance um whether it be in the Workplace or During any physical endeavors so i’d say That the uhler it improves your sleep it Allows you to get to sleep faster Stay asleep longer and get more restful Sleep Overall