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    “Pakistan in Bankruptcy: Asif Blames Establishment and Politicians”


    Pakistan is in a state of bankruptcy, admitted Defence Minister Khwaja Asif of the PML-N on Saturday (February 18, 2023) during a convocation event in Sialkot. He said that people have been saying that Pakistan has defaulted and there exists an (economic) meltdown, but all that has already happened and the nation now has to stand on its own feet.[0]

    The minister added that the solution to Pakistan’s problems lies within the country and not with the IMF — whose crucial $1.1 billion loan Pakistan is desperately trying to secure.[1] Asif stated that two golf clubs built on 1500 acres of government land could be sold off to pay off a quarter of the country’s debt.[2]

    He further blamed the establishment, bureaucracy and politicians for the prevailing economic crisis, claiming that law and Constitution are not followed in Pakistan.[3] Asif expressed his condolences for the loss of personnel in the fight against terrorism, and said that terrorists were allowed to settle in the country two years ago.[4] He concluded by saying that the security agencies are working tirelessly to combat the issue.[4]

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