Scott Stallings, Pro Golfer | Sleep & Recovery | ChiliSleep™

Scott Stallings, Pro Golfer | Sleep & Recovery | ChiliSleep™

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Scott Stallings is an American Pro Golfer on the PGA Tour who values the importance of sleep, performance, recovery and overall health. Scott shares how important the OOLER and chiliPAD Sleep Systems by ChiliSleep has become in his life on the road and at home.



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I’m scott stallings i play on the pga Tour i’m about to start i have started In my 11th year I live in knoxville tennessee i have a Wife jennifer we’ve been married for 13 Years And two kids finn and millie we’ve grown Up on the road on the pga tour and We’ve learned a lot over the past few Years on health and fitness I was a guy that had a really good start To my career Uh early 2011 12 13. Then 14 started trying to make some Changes my son was born 2013 and started To see Just the way that i was feeling and some Different things kind of take a Downward slide and ultimately it was No one’s fault but my own no ownership Kind of thought i could do what i want When i wanted without much repercussion And Unfortunately that’s not the case you Only get one body you only get one Chance at this and The time and effort that goes into Making your body perform and recover At optimum level is ultimately relied Upon you At one time i was probably 250 plus Pounds And was not the picture of health And just slowly but surely kind of all

Came from a sleep study and Some visit to some doctors i found out i Had obstructive sleep apnea And i had a basically a complete sinus Reconstruction Back at the end of 2015. i think a lot Of people Don’t necessarily understand the the Length of schedule that we play on tour Uh my rookie year i slept in my own bed 37 days Which kind of gets to a whole other side Of how the uluru Is a vital important part of my time at Home but the chili pad also traveling on The road and Trying to make have as much control of My environment as i possibly can you Know when i’m on the road or at home Because ultimately as soon as i get off The course i’m automatically thinking About what i have to recover to To be ready to play the next day play Roughly 30 weeks travel 30 weeks a year On the road And training recovery practice Performance is all A huge goal i’ll play on the best tour Against in the world against the best Players in the world And anything to do to gain a leg up on The course off Course and the uhler’s become a integral Part

And to helping me get to where i am and And knowing that no matter What city where i wherever what bed i Have ultimate control the temperature so As soon as i get in there my body knows It’s primed and Managed to shut down go to bed be ready To roll the next day It’s the most important and often most Forgot people completely take it for Granted They think they sleep eight hours they Go to bed at ten they wake up at six And they got eight hours of sleep and That’s uh furthest from the truth i had Two sleep studies Uh i thought i slept no problem found Out in Two back-to-back nights i had 15 minutes Combined of rem sleep And that was a lot due to sleep habits Caffeine intake diet nutrition training But overall i couldn’t breathe either The sleep apnea was a huge part of it Cold and dark as you can get you know Cold shower caffeine cut off Earlier in the day a small meal before i Go to bed a little bit of reading Uh i’m not a huge reader by any means my Wife will see this and laugh But anything just to kind of make my Mind drift off into Just kind of like a dreamlike state i Try not to watch a ton of tv

Before i go to bed i’m not always the Greatest of that kind of depending on What i’m doing at the moment but Uh just to where i settle down i know my Mind’s gonna kind of drift off and And go into it so developing habits and Everything And they kind of go into actually when i When i do lay down to go to bed is a big Part of that and All the products that chili sleep and The whole part of the company Is has made a huge impact both at home And on the road Do their product as performance athlete Can not only help On the road super easy to travel with i Use the chili pad kind of the single Person unit that’s fine on that In the airplane on the road i’ve had the Same one For i guess over a year now and I’ve it’s been to all but two Tournaments i didn’t take it Internationally I should have it was super hot So i was definitely missing it the first Few nights before i kind of got Acclimated I know that i can train hard i can Practice hard i can enjoy nights With my wife and my friends and know That uh i’m gonna get the best night’s Sleep i have

With everything that i have set up at Home i’ve got dark curtains I’ve got a doula that’s programmed Just everything i set up to try to Recover as best i possibly can while i’m At home Metrics like rem hrv resting heart rate Yes i can tell a huge difference From nights that i have it and nights i Don’t whether i have a random outing Where I’m gone for 24 hours and i go and spend The night and i can tell a huge Difference and actually i have a Setting in my whoop journal to be able To tell the nights that i do It’s very rare that i don’t have some Form of the unit whether You know the small unit or the big one Uh whether i’m at home or on the road But it is incredible to see the Difference the amount of time it takes Me to go to sleep The sleep latency as they call it Overall sleep performance Resting heart rate everything is Significantly improved Throughout using the product What’s holding you back it’s a small Investment For exponential gain for me not only on The course Off the course uh in my relationships In the way that you know my mood you

Only get one life you get one body And you need to be the best steward ever You can whether awake Or sleep and providing a sleep Environment that is reliable And recreatable And something that you don’t have to Worry about is the ultimate peace of Mind So when you lay down you wake up the Raid ready to attack today So uhler has made an unbelievable Difference in my life In my career i am incredibly grateful For Their support of me honestly i do not Want to sleep at night without it And i look forward to seeing all the Improvements they make in the area of Health and recovery