Sky Christopherson | USA Olympic Cyclist | ChiliSleep

Sky Christopherson | USA Olympic Cyclist | ChiliSleep

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Sky is a world record holder and was a member of the U.S. Cycling Team’s ’Project 96’ prior to the 1996 Olympics. Frustrated by the rampant doping culture in cycling, Sky retired after the2000 Olympics and dedicated his career in search for a better solution.

In 2011, Sky broke a world record using an individualized digital health approach inspired by Dr. Eric Topol, the previous holder of the record receiving a lifetime ban for drugs. This experiment was the genesis of OAthlete that helped athletes win medals at the 2012 London Olympics, receive international media and featured in the award-winning documentary film ’Personal Gold (2015)’.



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I’m sky christopherson olympic athlete And world record holder in the sport of Cycling sprint cycling And we use a lot of different tools as Part of our data not drugs program You know to get breakthroughs in Performance that are sustainable And one of the tools one of the secret Weapons we use is a chili pad so this is A cooled Mattress topper pad that goes underneath The athlete and it cools them while They’re sleeping at night This is getting increases in deep sleep It’s putting people to sleep faster And accelerating the recovery so the Next day You can perform that much better