Sleep Tracker Instructions | Sleepme

Sleep Tracker Instructions | Sleepme

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Sleepme, the parent company of ChiliSleep, offers award-winning cooling mattress pads and first-of-its-kind technology to help you improve your sleep.

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Congratulations on your sleep me plus Membership which includes our sleep Tracker All the intelligence with nothing to Wear Set it and forget it it’s that simple Before you begin let’s get acquainted With everything in the box There are three primary components to The sleep tracker the sensor pad and Cover sensor cable and the hub The sleep tracker also comes with a usb Power cable and power supply You will also need to be connected to Wi-fi on an ios or android smartphone or Tablet Please have your wi-fi credentials Available before setup Next visit the app store or google play To download and install the sleekme app Within the sleep me app log in or create An account and verify your email address Now it’s time to set up the sleep Tracker on your bed Place the sensor pad directly on top of Your mattress The sensor will monitor your sleep Through all sheets mattress pads toppers And the chilipad pro It is important that you position the Sensor pad chest high on your side of The bed Next route the sensor cable over the Head of the bed if you are already using

A dock pro you will notice the chilipad Pro cooling mattress pad wraps Completely around the head and foot of Your mattress Don’t worry the sensor cable wraps over The head of the mattress and tucks Beneath the bed skirt This allows the tracker to remain in Place if you do not have a chilipad pro The sensor cable will route in the same Way under your fitted sheet Set the hub near a power outlet either On the floor or a nightstand make sure The vents on the side of the hub are Open to the room and clear of debris Such as books or pet hair avoid placing The hub near a heat source after Plugging the usb power cable into the Power outlet and connecting it to the Hub the led status indicator will flash Blue to indicate that it is ready to Pair in the sleep me app Next select add device from the Dashboard or using the plus icon in the My devices page If you haven’t verified your account yet You will be prompted to complete the Verification step A one-time code will be sent to your Email address Now it’s time to pair your sleep tracker Make sure the tracker is plugged in your Ios or android device is connected to a Wi-fi network and the blue light is

Flashing on the hub Next enable your bluetooth connection on Your ios or android device Without granting sleep me permission for Bluetooth you will not be able to pair Your sleep tracker We will start searching for your sleep Tracker to pair Once your tracker is found tap to begin The pairing process Next allow the sleekme app to access Your precise location to make the wi-fi Connection process easier We do not store save or use your Device’s location for any other purpose The app will then prompt you to connect Your sleep tracker to the wi-fi network Simply enter the wi-fi password You can now register and name your Device If this is your tracker tap mine to Claim it You will then be asked to provide Consent Providing consent allows sleep me to Process and analyze your sleep data If you decline consent you will be Unable to process a daily sleep report For you The setup process is complete You can now track your sleep data in Real time to improve your sleep If this is not your tracker tap someone Else

The setup process is now complete Tap share to give someone else access to The tracker Once the in-app setup is complete the Hub led status indicator will display a Solid green light The led indicator will turn off after Three minutes to avoid disturbing your Sleep No need to worry the device is still Operating Your sleep tracker setup is now complete And ready for your first night’s sleep Come back to the app daily to view your Sleep report