Sleepme x Sports Academy: Merging Quality Sleep & Recovery

Sleepme x Sports Academy: Merging Quality Sleep & Recovery

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Duke many weather founder of o-line Masterminds and i am fired up uh with Our partnership with sleep me um and I’ve been using the chili pad for about Three weeks now it’s been a game changer In my rest in recovery um i’m about nine Months post-op from a quad tenant Patellar tendon repair on my left side And quad tendon repair on my right side And i feel like that with the chili pad Is getting me into the deep sleep that i Need for recovery I’m chris bergen and i went to Northwestern university a much more In-depth look at sleep that We as athletes kind of Gloss over because We’re always in a rush and we always Have obligations and You know we really don’t take the time We need To focus on sleep which is just as Pivotal as recovery as Any other Modality that we use Derrick bernard university of kentucky i Must look forward to just trying it out For the first time i’ve never really Heard About anything like this or i’ve done Anything like this so testing it out and Seeing how it goes i mean talking to a Couple people understanding how it works It sounds like there’s a lot a lot of

Positive things about it and it sounds Like i’m going to be enjoying it Highly recommend the chilipad Game changer in terms of everyday Lifestyle and also athletic performance [Music]