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    Texas Considers Ban on Chinese, Iranian, North Korean and Russian Land Acquisition


    Texas is currently considering a bill that would ban citizens, businesses and entities from China, Iran, North Korea and Russia from purchasing or leasing land in the state.[0] The bill, Senate Bill 147, was proposed by Republican State Senator Lois Kolkhorst and is supported by Governor Greg Abbott. The bill is a continuation of the bill passed unanimously in 2021 that prevents the four countries from entering into contracts or agreements related to critical infrastructure in Texas.[1]

    The bill is designed to protect the state's security and has been met with both criticism and support. Critics of the bill claim that it unfairly targets certain citizens and could further complicate the U.S. relationship with China.[2] Supporters of the bill argue that this ban is necessary in order to protect the state from foreign land acquisition.

    The proposed bill would not make any exemptions for visa holders or people on a path towards citizenship.[2] It also would bar companies with foreign headquarters in any of the four countries from owning property in the state.[3] Additionally, Representative Cody Harris (R-Palestine) has filed HB 1075 which would prevent any foreign governments or companies controlled by a foreign government from owning agricultural land.[1]

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry has responded to the bill by stating that it violates the rules of market economy and international trade.[4] The ministry has also noted that Chinese companies have invested in the US and played an important role in promoting employment and economic development in the country.[5]

    The bill is still in the Texas state legislature and will likely face more scrutiny before it is voted on. It remains to be seen if Governor Abbott will sign it into law if it passes.[3]

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