The All New Hiber-AI - Improve Your Sleep While You Sleep

The All New Hiber-AI – Improve Your Sleep While You Sleep

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Optimize your sleep with the world’s first sleep technology that improves sleep in real time. Simply pair the sleep tracker with your Dock Pro Sleep System, and Hiber-AI will adjust your bed temperature based on your current real-time sleep data. All you have to do is turn it on, and it starts working immediately!

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Sleepme, the parent company of ChiliSleep, offers award-winning cooling mattress pads and first-of-its-kind technology to help you improve your sleep.

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Welcome to the future of sleep with Hyber AI the final step to unlock your Potential delivered by Sleep me [Music] For the first time ever your sleep will Be optimized in real time while you Sleep with the power of hyper AI Analyzing data from the non-wearable Insight sleep tracker and delivering Adjustments to the award-winning chili Sleep doc Pro Sleep System the Patent-pending technology of hyper AI Will improve your sleep while you sleep Other sleep trackers can’t make Real-time adjustments based on your Sleep data we can as a result you’ll Achieve the highest quality sleep Possible paired with your sleep tracker Hyper ai’s unique features include its Advanced automations that start and stop When you are in and out of bed and will Identify and deliver your individual Temperature profile for the perfect Sleep climate Just like Google Maps hyber AI is the Only technology in the world that Constantly works in the background to Get you to your sleep state by Optimizing routes and avoiding Roadblocks Hybrid AI uses your real-time sleep data To adjust bed temperature to your Individual ideal sleep climate to Deliver the life-changing sleep you want

And deserve with ease reliability and Accuracy you can trust we do the work so All you have to do is sleep let our Technology do the rest Transform your life through better sleep Made Easy by hyper AI the future of Sleep starts now