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    Top Technology Executive Ratnakar Lavu Resigns from Nike


    An email sent to employees and signed by Nike Chief Operating Officer Andy Campion has announced that Nike's top technology executive, Ratnakar Lavu, has resigned effective immediately.[0] The proclamation was declared on Monday.[1]

    On Monday, following the resignation of Ratnakar Lavu, Nike's second-highest technology executive convened a gathering with more than 400 tech personnel.[0]

    Nike confirmed to Insider that Lavu is no longer part of the company and offered no further details regarding his departure.[1]

    Since 2015, Lavu has been a part of the Nike family as Chief Digital Officer, responsible for formulating Nike's digital strategy, consumer technology, and global technology initiatives.[0] An internal email was sent to announce the departure of Lavu, though no explanation was given for his sudden exit.[1] A message was sent to Lavu but there was no immediate response.[1]

    As Nike continues its costly digital shift, and due to Wall Street's concentrated attention on corporate profits amid ongoing economic instability, Lavu has tendered his resignation.[1] In June 2019, Lavu became a member[1] Prior to this, he held the position of Chief Technology Officer for Kohl's.[1]

    Do you have any experience working for Nike or any information to offer?[1] Reach out to Matthew Kish, the reporter, using Signal (+1-971-319-3830) or send him an email at[1] For additional advice on securely sharing information, be sure to consult Insider's source guide.[1]

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