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    Twilio Announces Restructuring and 17% Workforce Reduction


    Twilio, the US cloud communications company, has announced another major round of layoffs just five months after the last.[0] The company will be cutting about 17% of its workforce, which amounts to roughly 1,400 employees.[0] This comes just two days before the company reports its fourth quarter earnings.

    Twilio is restructuring its business, forming two business units: Twilio Communications and Twilio Data & Applications.[1] The split is necessary because the two units are at different lifecycle stages and have different needs.[2] According to CEO Jeff Lawson, the Communications business needs to become more efficient, while the software business needs to accelerate its growth.[2]

    The company will also be closing some offices over the next few months and cutting back on employee benefits, including book and wellness allowances and its Twilio Recharge four-week paid sabbatical.[3] Moreover, Lawson himself has taken a significant pay cut, reducing his base salary from $134,000 to $65,535.[4]

    Speaking on the restructuring, Lawson said, “The weeks ahead will be about processing all this change and working together to acclimate to our new structure. While tremendously difficult, I believe these actions will put us on the right path for executing our strategy and creating an even stronger, more efficient, and more effective Twilio.”[5]

    Twilio is not the only tech company to have experienced job losses.[0] According to, 340 tech companies have let go of more than 100,000 people since the start of 2023.[6] By the end of 2022, nearly 160,000 jobs had been lost across more than 1,000 tech companies.[7]

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