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    Updates on Inflation Relief & Stimulus Checks in the US – February 2023


    Inflation relief payments and stimulus checks are being sent out across the United States in an effort to combat rising prices and help citizens and businesses stay afloat. American states and territories have been distributing different forms of economic relief, including tax rebates, relief checks, and stimulus payments to their residents.[0] Here are five updates to know for February 2023 on the stimulus checks and inflation relief payments being issued in the US.


    The authorized inflation relief checks of up to $1,050 in 2022, and most payments have already been distributed.[1] The state estimated that approximately 5% of checks would not be released until January 15th, 2023 when the announcement was made.[1] The deadline has been extended, and some payments will not be made until February 14th.[2] Debit card recipients who have changed their address since filing their 2020 tax return are eligible to receive those payments.[2] Residents of The received different amounts according to their household size, tax-filing status, and income.[0]

    In March 2022, Gov. Brad Little signed a bill authorizing rebates to taxpayers who filed their state returns for both 2020 and 2021.[3] In May 2022, individuals who file as single received $250, those who are the head of a household received $375, and married couples who filed jointly received $500.[4]

    In February 2022, Gov. Eric Holcomb offered one-time reimbursements of $125 & $250, respectively, for single and joint filers for the 2020 tax year, regardless of income.[5] Most people received their funds in the summer of 2022 either through direct deposit or by check, but those who were sent payments in the mail had to wait longer to receive them.[5] The legislature enacted a second wave of rebates in August 2022, totaling $400 for joint taxpayers and $200 for single filers.[5] Single filers who contribute a total of $325 and married couples joint filers who contribute a total of $650 may receive a check in the mail.[5]


    In order to be eligible for the one-time 2022 tax rebate of $250 for single filers, and $500 for joint filers, which can be received through direct deposit or a mailed paper check, you must have had a tax liability for 2021 and have filed your taxes by November 1st.[6] To check eligibility and for any questions on how to get your payment, or why you haven’t received your payment yet, look around the The Tax site or call 1-804-367-8031.[7]

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