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    US Federal Reserve to Hike Rates Beyond 6% This Year?


    The US Federal Reserve has been gradually increasing its benchmark interest rate in order to control inflation since March 2022.[0] After a series of 75 basis point increases in the same year, the Fed reduced the short-term rate by 50 points at the last December meeting. On February 1, the following year, the 25-basis-point increase pushed rates to 4.625%.[1]

    The central bank has indicated a forecast peak of 5.1% for its policy rate and no rate cuts in 2023.[2] A Reuters survey of economists revealed that, aside from Goldman Sachs, many other economists believe the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates at least twice more in the near future.[3] None of the analysts anticipated a rate reduction in 2023.[4] Prior to the discharge of new US data, J.P. Morgan projected a funds rate of 5.1% by the end of June.[4] Bofa Global Research estimated that the terminal rate by the end of 2023 would be in the range of 5.0% to 5.25%.[4] UBS had forecasted two rate increases of 25 basis points each, while the prior prediction was higher than their estimates.[4] European Investment Bank has operations in March, there may be a rate increase in Europe, according to them.[4] This hiking cycle will soon be over.[4] The policy aim will stay at 4.75-5% until the end of 2023.[4]

    By year-end, the Federal Reserve has the capability to control inflation, yet doing so will necessitate a number of steps.[5] By providing a clearer path to success, the Federal Reserve can increase its chances of achieving its goals.[5] Our research into inflation shows that for the Federal Reserve to consider their efforts a success, the core CPI should remain close to 2 percent over a one-year period.[5] In order to do so, the Fed should announce its intent to conduct monetary policy in a manner to confine the growth in current dollar spending (GDP) to no more than 4 percent.[5]

    Wall Street traders are now placing a bet that the United States Federal Reserve will hike interest rates beyond 6% this year. Preliminary open interest data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is demonstrating an increase in current trading activity, according to Bloomberg.[6] On Tuesday, it was reported that a trader has wagered roughly $18 million that the Federal Reserve will raise the interest rate to 6% by the expiration of the current options in September.

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