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    Walmart Increases Average Hourly Pay Above Federal Minimum Wage and Expands Education and Career Opportunities


    Walmart has announced that it will raise the average hourly pay of its U.S. associates to more than $17.50 per hour, exceeding the $15 federal minimum wage.[0] This increase in wages is a combination of regular annual increases and “targeted investments in starting rates” for thousands of stores, according to Walmart U.S. President and CEO John Furner.[1] The wage hikes will be reflected in March 2 paychecks.[2]

    In addition to wage increases, Walmart is expanding its Associate-to-Driver Program, which pays for workers to earn their commercial driver’s license to become a Walmart truck driver with the opportunity to earn as much as $110,000 in their first year.[3] This program is now being offered to store associates, in addition to supply chain associates.[4]

    The company is also expanding its Live Better U program, which covers tuition and fees for part- and full-time workers. In addition, Walmart has created more high-paid roles at its auto care centers.

    Senator Bernie Sanders has argued that the minimum wage should at least be raised to $17 an hour, given inflation, but it is unlikely that Republicans will pass legislation to raise the minimum wage any time soon.[5] If the minimum wage had risen with productivity in past decades, it would be over $23 now, economists say.[5]

    Walmart is committed to empowering its workforce through education and higher wages.[6] With these initiatives, the company is creating more job opportunities and increasing wages for its employees. “No matter where you are in your journey, getting your start here can open doors—the first step into jobs that become careers and build better lives,” says Furner.[7]

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