What Keeps Me Going? | Klodian Mitri: Amateur Endurance Athlete | ChiliSleep™

What Keeps Me Going? | Klodian Mitri: Amateur Endurance Athlete | ChiliSleep™

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Klodian Mitri is an Amateur Championship Endurance Athlete; devoted to his family, his work and his craft. How does he find success as an Ironman, work a day job and be a great Father/Husband?

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Hi i’m claudia meetry I’m an endurance athlete a husband a dad Of two very young kids And i train hard i’m an iron man I race among the best in the world we’re All born to move To run to be outside i want my life to Be an example For you to get out there set a goal Break the habit of saying you don’t have Time We all have the same 24 hours the secret Isn’t training more Or buying a lighter bike how do i do it All I prioritize my sleep you can maximize Your sleep quality too There’s no point in training as hard as I do if i’m not going to allow my body To fully benefit from that training Quality sleep has been the Best investment i can make i’ve always Slept hot But then chilly sleep came into the Picture and the ruler has me sleeping Like a baby Every single night sleep quality Can revolutionize your life how do i Know Because chili sleep has revolutionized Mine